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800x600 STRECHED
playing 1024x768 so i can get decent fps in all maps, and i can barelly see shit in long distances, imagine playing 800x600 lmao
unpopular opinions
they are just weak minded, and need some weekly\daily reinforcement in order to go on with their lives and do good deeds, what is retarded in a way, but understandable.
unpopular opinions
New generation is full of snowflakes, that can't handle trash talk or criticism, when i was a teenager if somebody called me trash or a noob, i would focus even more to disproove him them, nowadays pe...
Valorant POG
looks like shit in al aspects, it will never be a contender. You wanna kill cs, just replicate it without his flaws and call it a diferent name... don't creat this kinda of shit show
Hacker in real life
Call him a piece of shit and looser, got no chill here, don't eve care if after he would want to throw hands, can't even imagine the level of retardation to be hacking in home to begin with, little le...
Dust 2
execute A long, excute B, execute Short, execute Mid to B. Ct just got to play agro, long short or lower tunel to disrrupt executes... How isn't this balanced?
Map pool fix
Remove train, it's a cluster fuck, and people can't learn the fucking map in pugs. Chace is ok map, but tweak the fucking colours. Make dust2 more fps dimanding, so we don't get punished with teams ...
bullyhunters v2?
lmao fucking kebab turd
bullyhunters v2?
bullyhunters v2?
soyboyism at his best. And that's why after they ban my Lol account i never played that shit again, never ever talked shit to my team mates, just did some banter trash talk vs the enemys, got perma ba...