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dumbest pros IRL
My nationality is irrelevant here, and I'm not a fan of electronic either but your take on it is ridiculous!
BIG vs Spirit
Can you clarify for me? The double elimination means that, although it's the playoffs but if a team loses one time, they're not eliminated yet, but dropped to the lower bracket, am I right?
dumbest pros IRL
Xa xa! That's a bit harsh but generally I agree, he's a typical football watching, pelmeni consuming, beer belly carrying CIS unit, who wouldn't get to the same height had he started when the scene wa...
dumbest pros IRL
That's the dumbest example on the thread with ease.
Pizza Debate
It's just one way of making it, you gotta compare all the original places of Italy that produce Pizza and get the same amount for original spots in the US, and then make a fair comparison. In this pic...
device haters come here
s1mple is better, if we're talking about individual skill, there are no two ways about it. It's a fact. But if you talk about the teams achievements that they're playing for, then yes, device is much ...
CIS match fixing
I smell prejudice, corruption is an international thing, levels and scales may differ though but it's mostly speculations.
Who knows, I'd advise you not to bet in general, especially if it affects you. I wish it was different but we're too weak to force any changes.
R8 girl
I suppose that is a "typical Brazilian" specimen. Thanks, I surely will. To me they're much better in every way.
R8 girl
Very respectful indeed. You know, there must be some obvious limits? When it looks strange and unnatural, it doesn't look good anymore? Are you one of those who only cares about her breast and butt si...
R8 girl
You can't live on stereotypes, I didn't impose on my views so show me how respectful can you be towards someone else's opinion.
R8 girl
It's common elsewhere too, in Russia it's no different. Some of them are good, but mostly it's like a manufacture of the same looking dolls.
R8 girl
Yeah I never understood that, but I must admit, your teenage girls are divine, one of the best! So it's not half as bad for you, they are sweet and tender.
Genderstudies_professor banned.
If an user gets banned, he doesn't deserve mentioning. If you can't go like a respected fella, respected you will never be.
R8 girl
I mean, yes I see it, but why taking it to extreme levels? It looks so unnatural, and what looks unnatural looks bad to me. She has a very slim stomach and then a huge, gigantic butt, her thighs are t...