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worst youtuber fan base?
You look so desperate, mate. Have some self control maybe? Poor guy.
worst youtuber fan base?
I actually wanna rephrase that Jerman guy and ask, why the hell would you even care???
smart people come here
Got it, Past it, Not much but some, 1 in years.
most boring map to play?
Either Dust or Over.
Faith No More
He got a thing for 'Tom' in the titles of his bands. Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, Fantomas. I'm not sure which project I liked the most, FNM coulda been his most poppish one. Mr. Bungle as well. I could jus...
Why do you live?
To make others' lives more enjoyable and influence them for the positive outlook on the world? To show them that even the worst of situations can be recovered if you put some effort into it, to just l...
My transformation 7 months
It was already fine, had to stop right there.
Nyse, keep going. 10K isn't that much far away.
G2 was "better" before Niko
It's occasional and not really reliable. If you watched TS games, you should be able to tell that magixx is very smooth, he outfrags better players and keeps the good consistency going. Chopper is doi...
G2 was "better" before Niko
No way, nexa is half the man he used to be, he was the most impactful player on the team by light years and the top fragger too. I was in awe of his individual prowess but he lost it, now he's just av...
Lucky one time, try again and tell us how it went.
G2 was "better" before Niko
Sdy is more of a support than anyone else on the team, but even if you compare sdy, he'll still be better than huNter. degster > kennyS NiKo > mir chopper > nexa (especially in the recent time, it wou...
G2 was "better" before Niko
I strongly disagree. The only member of G2 that is a threat and can do damage is NiKo, but he seems to be an egoistic player who thrives on his lonesome. TS for example, will outfrag them in 4-1 every...
Why CIS teams can't maintain ranking
Yeah that would be very sweet.