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You're on the profile of a Computer Scientist, half Belgian, half Greek.
I used to compete in Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein in my early gaming days, playing in the Greek National Team and the Wallonia (in the French Region Cup) to name a few. I also played in the Belgian National Team of War§ow. Now, I'm retired for many years but still, I enjoy watching great games and playing at a casual level.

Casual player on: RTCW, Diabotical, Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch, CS:GO, W:ET, League of Legend.
Played for Omega in the RTCW League 1 division 3 - won.
Played for France in the RTCW Corona Nations cup III - 7th.

Graecos - A Black Dream - Vol. 1 -
Starring actions from Graecos in Valorant.
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