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You're on the profile of a Computer Scientist, half Belgian, half Greek.
I used to compete in Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein in my early gaming days, playing in the Greek National Team and the Wallonia (in the French Region Cup) to name a few. I also played in the Belgian National Team of War§ow. Now, I'm retired for many years but still, I enjoy watching great games.
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Languages you learn?
Languages you learn?
Chinese is not really a language, you have a lot of dialects. In Hong Kong, they mostly speak Cantonese
Languages you learn?
French/Greek as a native speaker, English during school and a lot by myself, Toki Pona for fun, German I took evening lessons when I was single. I'd like to come back to German someday as I'm not comf...
Languages you learn?
It's a cool language, a great experience (there are hundreds of interesting conlang), there are a real community and culture behind now
Languages you learn?
Maaaaan... Being under 5000XP in Duolingo is just having fun playing the game. You don't have a decent level in those languages with that
Languages you learn?
French dialect from Wallonia
Languages you learn?
Speak: French, Greek, English, German (not fluent), Toki Pona (conlang) Learning: Japanese Want to learn: Arabic, Italian or Spanish, Irish or Waloon
How do u knew about Ukraine?
religious discrimination
"I have never visited it", don't care about your flag.
religious discrimination
Great for you to live in dreams instead of real life
How to fix CS:GO?
Lazy doesn't sound nice to me tbh, that's what I meant
Sexiest Man Alive 2019 — biggest let down this year?
How to fix CS:GO?
"Valve's current developers ... got so lazy that they even made the community to create new skins. ... Valve doesn't care about what the players want, they just want to get most out of it without spe...
religious discrimination
We have not many Buddhists and we don't have a lot of Buddhists tourists
religious discrimination