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I love autumn
why don't u marry 1 then
Aleksib's next team
frankie is a secret british operative sent to colonize 3rd world flag lands with british mannerisms, don't believe the smiles
Liquid vs North
perfect, as always from finland
Liquid vs North
we need a new name since you can't have an era without major win maybe the liquid ern/a
NiP vs North
3+ years
"Liquid era"
i guess you could say their era vanished into thin air
NiP vs Turkey5
and we are talking about nip, their salary is like a comcast advertised speed, Join our team for up to €4.000 or 69% of ur tournament winnings (whichever comes first, terms and conditions may apply...
North vs mousesports
Valde has grown as an individual player in his absence, but its time to bring MSL back. Stop the bs and build a real team again
Heroic vs ENCE
heroic < ence but the odds are a bit stacked toward ence when u compare both teams current level small bet on heroic is fine here, more if u dont care to lose it lul
Chiefs vs FURIA
ok but wait here me out, what if COLD went to FAZE UP in scandinavia or wheerever the fuck and was like nope too cold, let's go back to brazil/NA
Chiefs vs FURIA
Cold joining Furia with Zews as support heard it here 1st
Vitality vs NiP
i thought its illegal for thirdworlders to give food away
naf has nothing to do with stewie making brickheaded aggro plays and starting every map 0-0-10 lol
Pimp is the worst analysts
i mean it worked with pansy so.. 🤷
VP is back
byali isn't the type of player to learn from his mistakes snax's entire playstyle relied on the rest of VP to create room for him to make sneaky/aggro plays midround doesn't really matter what any of...