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Thorin 5head
+1 such a brave analyst
Wow huge if true, nice work dude. Gla1ve gonna so regret ever doing that interview when lagge15 is on the case. Gla1ve is fucking done in CS if what you say is true.
If the team keeps winning fans do not give a shit. You sound like a mini thorin that assume everyone else cares what some CEO says. Here’s a piece of advice: spend less time on twitter and more time a...
Do you think football fans care what the CEO of their favorite club say in a interview or the fact that a lot of players twitter is run by a media team? Do the result of the team not speak for themsel...
Astralis best dust2 team in 2020
So like I expected Navi not good enough to 16-0 anyone (not even “disassembled teams”) I do remember mouz beating Navi 16-0 once though.
Astralis best dust2 team in 2020
Yeah 16-0 rarely happens, when is the last time Navi 16-0’ed someone?
Astralis best dust2 team in 2020
This is how you 16-0 someone on d2 on Lan: https://www.hltv.org/matches/2337461/astralis-vs-faze-iem-beijing-2019 https://www.hltv.org/matches/2326417/astralis-vs-mibr-faceit-major-2018 Against online...
Meta's that Brazil created
It was bullshit because this was like the 3rd tournament where Vitality had the stream running in the background. Then even after ESIC said there would be a no tolerance policy for watching the stream...
Totally People in England (the few that are still alive) are totally psyched
Absolutely, he seems like a very nice guy.
I can see, that’s cool but maybe take it down a notch, saying “we” when describing your favorite team is embarrassing.
“we” lmao
Highest rating in a half
ChrisJ with that 0.00 rating.
The Blast observers seems just as good, and the production are even better when it comes to showing replays in slow mo etc.