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BO5 Finals
bo5 finals should be exclusive to events like esl pro leagues or the iem sydeny's / new york's . super prestigious events like cologne, kato and majors should be bo3 because those events have the most...
BO5 Finals
i agree, all finals of big events should be BO3
UCL Tournament, 2nd leg + results
Juve - Porto 1-2 (fraud gonna ghost the game cuz of no kross or modric) bvb-sev 0-1 psg-fcb 0-4 lfc - leipzig 1-2 rma - atlanta 0-1 city- monch. 4-0 bay - lazio 3-1 che-atm 0-3
2k hours per year
You'll have to spend 5hrs , 28mins , 46seconds and 03millseconds are day to hit that
True , it's just that pretty much all the teams are very weak right now: faze, astralis, g2, nip etc. kinda like how it was at the start of 2018 where the only good teams were faze and astralis. I ti...
I don't doubt that. B1t should be better considering his to-be predecessor, and it 'should' be enough, but if Na'Vi still lack then they should either consider a stragetic deliberation or just say fk ...
Or just pick a very talented CIS player who is NOT bound to a nonsensical contract -- there's a plethora of them out there.
new CIS team
Mir - Entry Electronic - Rifler S1mple - Main awpers / secondary rifler Degster - Secondary Awper Chopper - IGL
gambit lucky
first time i've seen you be objective
remember; navi_0_majors_hobbit_1_major