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Astralis vs NiP/Liquid winner
No comment.
RIP faze
he can igl ,he can frag ,he can speak english...
RIP faze
-broky +tabsen. tabsen can frag and call with niko 2nd call
Who is D0cC?
some guy who refuses to play faceit unless he queues with a girl
Fury vs Wilder 2
ahhh i see. you're a completely new to boxing. I recommend you watch some youtube videos or read some articles that explain how boxing works, the point system, illegal/legal punches etc. if u need som...
Fury vs Wilder 2
aw, are you upset because im telling the truth :> come on bro stop being in denial and go watch the full match again and then come back here and tell me with a straight face who won.
Fury vs Wilder 2
Fury literally won 9/12 rounds from him and lost because the shit was rigged.
Fury vs Wilder 2
I'm expecting Fury to win, tbh last match it was a split draw even though Fury dominated Wilder for 9/12 rounds, it was obviously rigged but now Fury actually has time to practice. It's going to be li...
Cobble or Cache
but are rubbish in their current state, imo cache never need a rework, it was fine.. but if I had to choose one it would be cache... although I prefer old cobble over any cache
Fuck Boris
BLAST In Bahrain..
y would there be kiss cams in a muslim majority country
Faze Fans Come Here
yeh ofc, if they are to mkae changes it should be post major
Faze Fans Come Here
+1 , Ynk and NiKo need to spend some time to get better tactically and Rain, Olof need to get consistent. Cold will get better over time and Broky can learn some stuff. Once all of that happens they ...
Do major in Denmark
+1 good one
Faze Fans Come Here
I mean with time they are a top 5 team. With Jame they can be a top 3 team or the best team in the world if NiKo, Coldzera, Rain and Olofmeister all are consistent and play well. Because once those 4 ...