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wtf????? S1mple possibly going to jail??????
haix acting like this is some momentous issue, putting intense background music and talking seriously just for some views. mf needs to stfu, and virgins need to stop watching him.
I'm talking about Islam in this case, but it isn't a book of Science. Ibn Rushd put it this way, and he said that the Qur'an should be perceived as a book of literature. We characterise these sort of ...
No... it's just that they act like science is incompatible with all religion.
This is actually a really good idea, bump! Hopefully superstitum will see this.
I remember talking about exactly the same thing with you last time, but the thread got 404'd before we could discuss is further. Can you provide the relevant passages in the Qur'an, if you don't mind?...
I wanna die
I'm talking about a share of them... "Perhaps surprisingly, many of the most troubled nations in the world have comparatively low suicide rates. Afghanistan has 4.1 suicides per 100k; Iraq has 3.6, an...
NAVI on top, FaZe return to relevance in July Team Ranking
I feel physically sick, please move VP fking down one place, they do not deserve to be fifth, FaZe do!
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Yeah, usually when you have people beside you that share the same belief, it motivates you a lot and pushes you to continue to pursue. I am just saying that it is far more likely for that to happen as...
I wanna die
Morality and Islam is wayyyy to long to explain on HLTV, it's a pretty substantial topic, and I cannot concise it down, here is a cool paper on it though (if you're interested): https://yaqeeninstitut...