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NiKo overrated
well i mean he was pretty damn good even when calling at least the 2nd best player in the world so hopefully hes really good
NiKo overrated
not ‘the’ best player but he has been up there for a long time now
Mousesports under karrigan ?
navi are pretty lackluster rn and i feel like most teams with structure and decent fraggers could beat them ence are playing very good csgo at the moment but i also feel they might be a bit inconsis...
Mousesports under karrigan ?
karrigan has been fragging too chrisJ also looks very good and comfortable woxic and frozen will develop into good tier 1 players this year and they will probably end up winning a tier 1 event this ...
post your recent activity
42.9 hours past 2 weeks my hours are too high bearing in mind im supposed to be studying for exams
Badminton vs tennis
badminton for mega alphass
-frozen +sunny
why would i cry in a corner, my favourite player isnt a bot
mouz lost me 3 bets
of course you will lose money when you are betting against them they have dreamhack tours the next day and you think they will put 100% effort into NiP game?
how good is LETN1
this is true normally he is bottom fragger
-frozen +sunny
top 20 last year overrated expected from someone who still thinks olof is good
this is sad :(
Emilia Clarke in your bed
I started watching got last week but I still knew who Emilia Clarke is, I have for years. maybe I spend too long on the internet
Emilia Clarke in your bed
shes one of the main actors in one of the most popular tv shows lol
Im gonna take my horse
he just loves having horses in his hotel room men