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Juice WRLD
this guy killed himself because he was stupid, I think people are inclined to not respect him lmao
Write ur top 10 banned users
Dev1ce decision
its probably one of the reasons, but obviously not the only one nor the catalyst
S1mple to Astralis soon
astralis could buy anyone they want
whatever people like you are better off just talking into a mirror than everyone having to hear your useless opinion
pronax top 1?
what how are bnb washed? their average age without ptr is 21 lol
Why is tarik kicked
extreme or not its a stupid thing to say if you didn’t believe it was true why did you say it? i think you forget that puggers are braindead, but clearly you are one yourself so im not surprised.
Why is tarik kicked
that a random noname player is nowhere near worth as much as these guys even when they are in bad form stop trying to make yourself feel good pretending your better than dosia and tarik you freak
Why is tarik kicked
this shit is so retarded no 3k elo player is igling their way to a major win retard
apologizing for calling sLowi shit
cancer thread
Train needs balance
yeah all these pros are dmg thats why the ct wr is the highest on train more than any other map rn they just need to learn the smokes right :/
oSee vs Dignitas
true, i dont blame him for moving to valo though
Resident Evil 8
actual +1 if the game removed all those weird gooey monster things you have to fight every 20 mins just for a bit of action, the pacing of action would’ve been perfect.