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INTZ vs Virtus.pro
well obv lol, 2.2odds on vp bo3 is ez
INTZ vs Virtus.pro
but polski people are men)
INTZ vs Virtus.pro
top NA MDL vs bottom EU MDL polski takes this, michu and vegi strong
Demise vs Ground Zero
+ XD
do you understand that they will not win? this is grand final where odds were 7 on ehome. there is legit esports mafia in china.
gets you discounts in Jumbo or Hoogvliet
New finnish team
you think aleksis contract will not end as of 1st jan 2020? ;)
New finnish team
lol, remove HAVU's igl(sAw?) and add aleksi and you have best finnish team possible
OFFSET vs Movistar Riders
makes sense, but im sure that giants gets 1700eur+ for appearing in HLTV only when sketchy Russian tournaments invite them.
OFFSET vs Movistar Riders
played with some Spanish players faceit in summer. they told me that there is huge money in Spain for the top3-4 teams and in Portugal GIANTS and OFFSET are living good as well and mentioned number cl...
OFFSET vs Movistar Riders
and OFFSET gets paid 2000 euros for what??? doing nothing in the middle of fucking vertigo? 0 ct aggression, 0 map control thru middle as T, only in pistol round. idiots lol
DUSTY vs seven
lol, not every country has esports club or internet cafes, thats only in russia or ukraine. since the western countries can usually afford 144hz and gaming stuff for their homes. and mostly in west to...
DUSTY vs seven
where is Tuddinn lans? and where do you guys organise your stuff? Do you have a esports club or?
DUSTY vs seven
As far as I remember, the only legit orgs are DUSTY and KR. Dusty states themselves as the nr1 organisastion in iceland in their twitter(@dustyiceland) and then there is KR esports(team that is funded...
x6tence vs Giants
thx for +1000eur XD