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Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
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Sweden LUL
20 points more than you then.
Do you smoke weed or why not
Don't begin smoking every day dude, its just not worth it
Can you try again in English? CS:GO is a team game by the way, its all about being an individual IN a team playing a team game. Achievements is by far and should be when rated the most important val...
UK muslim?
Yeah, you're very tragic.
This guy is doing everything not to put device as number one. Apparently in these years achievements means almost nothing. Nothing at all. are just slaves of pure stats only. Th...
Electronic #7 or lmao
Its definitely the lmao. are slave only to numbers. Achievements means nothing apparently.
UK muslim?
Alternative way to deal with losing an arguement, whatever floats your boat.
legendary song
From my teenage years
UK muslim?
And by the way... since Sweden is shit as you say, you should really consider going home to your native country... You will be happier, and the Swedes will be happier...
UK muslim?
Those countries are not good at all, and the immigrants in Sweden are not from Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE or Saudi. They are from the country I mentioned. Sweden have alot of workers from Turkey thou...
Rank Nordic countries
Thousands of Danes rushing your country for cheap alcohol and easy women every year, taking a piss on your country when they are there. Does that make you mad?
Rank Nordic countries We are coming to fuck you in the ass, Prague. Danes are amongst the tallest nations in the world btw. Nt 3rd worl...
Do you smoke weed or why not
Do you smoke weed or why not
Yes, expected from a junkie to be honest. Often they are not able to control their addiction; life and feelings. This boy is clearly frustrated.
Sweden LUL
Stay mad little immigrant, keep hiding your flag with the massive identity issues you have ;-)