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Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
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Fellow UK humans come here
Brexit is a gift for the European people. Important UK shows the Europeans you can fight back against the monstrosity they call European Union and their mafia methods.
Do you need university?
3rd worlder, you'll never get into any university.
Do you need university?
You're not even old enough to attend any university. Its quite pathetic how much you're barking considering your ignorance, insecurity and inexperience.
Do you need university?
Dude I studied five years at AAU here in my hometown, you're an actual pleb; a dumb little kid who doesn't have any experience of holding an actual job besides delivering news papers. I can't wait fo...
Do you need university?
Fuck no, they are all garbage. Just like AAU where I studied for more than five years. University life is awesome, but the degrees are massively overrated. You'll learn once you're ready to get into t...
Do you need university?
Mechanic and carpenter pleb jobs? xaxaxa, you must be very young with such an erroneous, naive and unintelligent attitude towards good professions. Your mind will change when you get some life exper...
Liquid top 1
0/8, everyone should ignore and dont give this kid his wanted attention
Do you need university?
Yeah thats what I thought.
Do you need university?
No its not.
Anders going mad in 2019
Yes, the Finnish accent when speaking English is horrendous. Its not even remotely close to being neutral. You can spot a Finns speaking English miles away.
Anders going mad in 2019
Its ugly as fuck. Why are you pasting me a useless quote? "Listening to Finnish is the worst sound my ears have ever endured, I'm literally feeling like puking" - Bjarne Madsen
Do you need university?
You have only bad universities in Finland.
Top 3 countries you would move if you had to?
1. Norway 2. England/Germany 3. Sweden honorable mentions Netherlands, Austria, Iceland; basicly every Germanic state in Europe
Do you need university?
The university is massively overrated anyway.
who wud u deport?
Southerners out of Europe