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Triumph vs Chaos
Tbh this team was Grim+Curry with a side of Junior more grim than curry but curry turned up in their games to help grim more often than not
TeamOne vs Cloud9
If your adding nitro i think you need to remove JT as he is IGL
Heroic vs MAD Lions
Even with Hunden's lack of firepower he more than made up for it with his hard work as the leader of the team, more than a few extra frags a game than acilion will do, they may have never been a top 3...
Heroic vs MAD Lions
This team started to make bad decisions when they kicked Hunden for an meh fragging igl
Chaos vs Triumph
Yeah there was an interview with Shake a few months ago or smin about his Coaching and igl past and how he's doing on Triumph
Secret vs sAw
Alot of teams spam the vent into mini, don't know if i've ever seen them spam such a small angle idk
best fifa ?
Don't enjoy football games normally but Fifa Street was alot of fun to play with a friend
Wisla Krakow vs AGF
Economy is the problem, if you start getting locked out of a half your never gonna have a good economy so even if you win 1 round unless your killing 4 enemies every round then they will have a good b...
Wisla Krakow vs AGF
Then bet +1.5 or don't bet
Chaos vs Mythic
Vertigo is mythic's best map i think, idk maybe just didn't wanna give them a chance to take a map and possibly the series
Mythic vs ex-Polar Ace
NA players with big ego's
Tbf Zywoo probably is the biggest clutcher in cs right now the amount of them he wins when it looks impossible is insane and yeah Mantuu is strong as an awper but Big do have the better more consisten...
You're asking for a team who are onliners, to knock a team of onliners, out of an online tournament?
Your German, why don't you believe in Big?
Heroic vs OG
People said that about heroic vs fnatic yesterday and then Heroic won inferno