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fnatic vs Gambit
Yeah, i think they would probably play like Furia in their Debut all random aggresion and The "Art" of holding w
fnatic vs Gambit
Gambit still played well on Lan at the Major apart from the Na'Vi game, just some weak showings from multiple individuals which is uncommon for them, there have only been 3 lans including this one sin...
fnatic vs Gambit
They took one of the best teams in the world over the last year or so to a third map in a close series till that point after like 9 hours of pro cs in a day each, also tier like 2-3 teams not tier 5, ...
Gambit take down fnatic after anti-climactic finish to book last IEM Winter playoffs spot
I mean they got further than a few other 1.5 teams in the debut and took gambit to a third map in a close series till that point , pretty good performance even if map 3 was a letdown
fnatic vs Gambit
Tbf if Alex didn't stupidly push through the ct smoke on b site in Shiro's 1v4 it was probably over without getting close to OT
Only problem i have with Scrawny is sometimes he talks abit to much and i feel like Launders doesn't get a chance or gets cut off sometimes, he needs to remember it's a duo cast at some points, other ...
floppy = floppy
Floppy was a huge troll & memer on twitter as far as i saw when he was playing cs on c9
Age of Empires 4
Parts of the campaign are filled with Documentary style Cinematics about the battles and history of them, i enjoy them and the campaigns alright, haven't had much time with it yet though
ENCE vs fnatic
They did lose alot of rounds to time even if they got more kills idk
Heroic vs G2
What time would they start if they didn't wanna fuck Oceania over, if you move it forward to even 6am for them the games are going to be going on till like2am in the arena
Respect Furia and Brazilians
Yeah for how much more money and how large & popular these events are now compared to when csgo was just starting it should be great quality not this shit show of muted mics & black screens and bad au...
Respect Furia and Brazilians
Those fans have been the loudest so far, i think that's cause PGL finally fixed the sound for crowd tho
NIP worst major playoff team ever?
Tbf to Vitality, they would've lost 2-0 to Entropiq if Apex didn't get a 1v3 ace clutch
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