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Bpro vs Sprout
the 28th round when it was a 4v3 for sprout and a guy rushed out of jungle and killed the guy planting site with a guy bottom of stairs lmao
OpTic vs Winstrike
You go on it? I got 5.5 odds on them last map vs sprout after the 3-0 to sprout
Winstrike vs Sprout
I meant the mirage ban
Winstrike vs Sprout
I think it might just be from that Tricked game for sprout where they dominated them
Envy vs MIBR
That and the lack off experience from EnVy
Envy vs MIBR
the only reason it went to ot is because Android being over confident dry peeked fallen from the same angle he just killed someone from and then som didn't cover Fugly planting and fugly didn't get th...
Envy vs MIBR
fugly snuck up behind fallen in fallens 1v4 clutch and hit 2 out of 12 usp shots, that's Karrigan level usp plays
name me a movie !!
Scott Pilgrim vs the world
Vitality vs Liquid
With even RPK playing well yesterday theres a good chance vitality can take this
Heroic vs ENCE
Sergej on that 2nd to last round needed to hit 1 shot out of the like 6 he took on the palace guy to be able to try stop the bomb plant coming through
15 deaths on Jame, wtf have you been watching Jame always aims for the <10 club
NRG vs G2
Honestly i'm more surprised that Daps was entrying and actually contributing to round wins for NRG then i am that they came back in this game
AVANGAR vs Aristocracy
That top clip is all down to Qikert being stupid, he heard taz planting infront of him in the smoke in the default plant for toilets yet he doesn't react he just waits to see if taz might try to cross...
OpTic vs Chaos
Casters saying Plessen was saved by his teamates, when he actually panicked when he heard the crowd
Complexity vs MIBR
Please don't ruin Furia just to try and promote a better Mibr, not worth it