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"Can" This MIBR lineup already looks more promising than the last one. They straight up just put Trk in as a 5th player to meet quotas when the guy is actually really solid individually, same as they...
Astralis will win
Blastralis yes very much
Jkaem to apeks
He's probably made enough money and is aware that his chances of competing at the very top level gets less each year. He could definitely bring enough impact to an improving Apeks roster to get them i...
Faceit - Do they even ban SMURFS?
That could well be possible. I really don't like accusing someone of cheating because I'm being double tapped in the head constantly in MG1. That being said, I know quite a few people that do smurf a...
Faceit - Do they even ban SMURFS?
Fair enough, I've never bothered with ESEA personally so can't comment much on it. But Faceit & MM around the most common ranks are saturated with smurfs. I'm talking FACEIT 3-6 and MM SEM - MG2
Faceit - Do they even ban SMURFS?
Smurfing is the biggest issue in MM, Faceit and I assume ESEA. Its more of a pain in the ass than cheaters imo, because at least cheaters are obvious and half the time get banned or something. Anywhe...
Wisla Krakow vs HAVU
This comment made me chuckle. But for real, since the last wisla bootcamp they've only been improving.
AGF vs Virtus.pro
AGF on their homeland on Inferno probably means 2-1 to VP
OG will 3-0 FaZe
Probably more likely to be 3-1 to OG.
Heroic and Top 1 checks out
I dunno man, people with Astralis, BIG & MIBR flairs seem to make up the majority of irritating fans on HLTV.
Heroic and Top 1 checks out
Jesus Astralis fans are cringe.