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18+ rate big ass
USA Hate
Jealousy. HLTV is a jealous guy.
A Billion Dollars
Money is worthless if you're single, angry and selfish.
kRYSTAL unluckiest player?
More like the luckiest, he's one of the worst players I ever knew and he got so many chances with different lineups and every time he'd put in his bed. I wonder how he even was a contender for pickups...
player that has aged the worst
I thought it was meant to be the aging of looks, in that case age withered him.
player that has aged the worst
I R8 music
Why KFC so good?
Of course you don't know ;) Otherwise you wouldn't post such a ridiculous reply. Invest some time into learning this subject.
Why KFC so good?
I'm not one, if you don't care about your appearance, go ahead but don't cry to me then.
Why KFC so good?
If you consume it more than once a month, it's a crap food and basically poison.
ur essentials?
Wife, kids, family genus, recognition in music and positive influence on the people around the world. I packed it up in shorter words, it means a lot more than it seems.
[18+]Rate cute grilles
No, it would be an extreme case like in cases with pedophilia, slightly younger girls carry that forbidden fruit all men adore but cannot get. Actual child adoration is already an illness.
[18+]Rate cute grilles
Actually natural, since man made laws don't go in parallel with nature laws and younger girls are always more attractive than older ones. Your contribution in time it took for me to reply is so crap.
[18+]Rate cute grilles
They're more like dolls rather than girls, disgusting! Give me the nature!
height doesn't matter
No wonders considering nowadays trends and fashion but if you give in and bend over to the modern meta, you might never find true love anymore. Because it slips away too fast and you can't get it back...