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tabseN is hope.
tabseN is love.
tabseN is life.
tabseN is underrated.
tabseN will be top 20 in 2k20.

Facts about me:
My name: Lukas Bohm Rosenbauer
Age: 33
Natinality: Jerman
Job: DJ (32k per month)
Ralationship status: taken (italian model gf)
Favorite Player: tabseN
Other facts about me:
-I'm a professional lockerboy
-l like mens on hltv

One for the future: Maden
One for the future: slaxz-
One for the future: Krimbo

is it me or is s1mple a bit of a boring player

like u see it at the end of the game
"oh wow s1mple has 32 kills"
but u can never remember them.

can u remember a single s1mple kill ?

but try syrsoN...u can see the flick
i remember a syrsoN flick

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tabseN |

I dont know what they like about me tbh. They say I look like an animal with my beard and my viking hair.
I am alone, I dont disturb anyone in the park, and a pretty girl comes and talks to me.
She said she wanted my body and I fucked her behind a tree.
After that, I was walking to get a drink and I saw a good looking chick.
She looks at me and I look at her. I said in my mind "if I look down the first then I'm the biggest bitch of this town". Then I fixed her like the true alpha that I am and she looked down. I went and talked to her and kissed and we fucked in the nearest restaurant wc.
After that, it was already 9pm, I went home and my beautiful gf was waiting for me, horny as ever. We made love for like 2 hours.

I live a crazy life tbh.
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