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Team Liquid +1.5 maps +500 vs IG hit =p
mousesports vs Windigo
6-16 L vs Valiance*, they won 16-4 vs Instinct in a BO1 already, hence the notice to double down
mousesports vs Windigo
Mousesports ML locked I am posting this before the Windigo/Instinct game has finished, but I fully expect Windigo to win that one. Overall Windigo seem as though they can actually compete in this sp...
mousesports vs NiP
ok, then bet on NIP, I can't stop you
HellRaisers vs fnatic
Fanatic have also covered the round spread for Train and Ovp every time within their last 5 as well ;)
FrenchFrogs vs forZe
HellRaisers vs fnatic
Map 2, Over 26.5 rounds locked Overpass and Train are Hellraisers' most likely map picks, since they might fade Dust 2 given FNC's recent success on it. Hellraisers have covered the round spread for...
mousesports vs NiP
Mousesports ML locked Mouz come into this match 7-2 in their last 9 official matches, while NiP are only 5-4 in their last 9, with similar strengths of schedule. Overpass has been a huge struggle fo...
NRG vs eUnited
NRG -1.5 -150 locked Despite all the controversy around this game I’m still riding with NRG. These boys can do some serious damage and their record vs EUnited shows how this should go. Even if NRG a...
Liquid vs Spacestation
Team Liquid -1.5 -550 locked Team Liquid Map 2 -9.5 rounds -105 locked This has to be the biggest mismatch I’ve seen since Astralis played 3D-Max in ESL Proleague groups. Spacestation have been gen...
G2 vs mousesports
Over 2.5 maps -115 locked I really dislike this matchup because I feel as if both team has the potential to 2-0 the other. Both teams have a similar record recently, have recently made major changes...
Epsilon vs NiP
NIP -1.5 -170 locked As of typing this Epsilon are playing in the UCC Summer league and are getting handed a fat 0-2 L by Nemiga. Many want to talk down NIP from their performance at blast, but thos...
FaZe vs
Faze -1.5 maps -250 I’d recommend using this bet primarily as a parlay booster but you can still take this one straight up as well. I was wrong about Faze during IEM Sydney, this team needs NiKo to s...
ENCE vs Natus Vincere
Navi -2.5 rounds -110 SO FAKIN EZ Navi 16 - 10 ENCE
North vs OpTic
nice response after the game is over, didn't see you predicting anything :')