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match handicap +1.5
buy mr denmakr and mr czech doesnt agree with your atleast one, they say two meeeen(((((
match handicap +1.5
you are making me confused with the +1.5 men((((
match handicap +1.5
And for -1.5 the overdog can only drop one map right?
match handicap +1.5
according to #3 it need two
match handicap +1.5
help me bettors, I really dont understand, what end results pay out for the underdog?
GERMAN environment activists come here
localized clean coal powerstations which can also process biomass and agricultural waste are great and relatively cheap
Witcher 3 overrated
pirate it first, the game has very unique system and its hard to learn, but after it clicks and you understand how it works it will give you the best combat in any pc game ever
Witcher 3 overrated
go try Exanima if you want awesome combat
[+18] Abortion thread
imagine spending time typing that out
sums up perfectly all the climate alarmists, you know jackshit about climatology and ecology, all you are is a doomsday cultist weeping about how we sinned and the divine punishment is coming
ukraine cs
why would anyone play cs in ukraine when you can just go to Donbass for the real thing?
Anyone suck at CS and enjoy the games?
for the last few years i play on a shitty laptop with low fps and a 3€ mouse with wire issues just to fuck around with friends sometimes, the days of tryharding are long gone
[+18] Abortion thread
I support postnatal termination of all prochoice people
dont come to Budapest
world is strange!
the simulation concept is the most retarded newage religion i've ever seen, worse than flat earth