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Nexus vs sAw
For this game - go to go to for Nexus or saw's channel for the streams ty :P
AVANT vs Bantz
I'll be out at my brother's birthday :( - wont be casting this.
Rooster vs R!OT
R!OT may have forfeited - not confirmed yet - states on ESEA Page that they wont have enough players. EDIT - Chance for Reschedule.
mousesports vs Endpoint
1-2* not 2-1 - sorry i assumed they went 2-1 after getting 4th in the open qualifiers.
mousesports vs Endpoint
They did lose to NIP, Astralis (expected) and Spirit It is a lot better than their previous form before that. I'll add context that they look to be turning a corner. Endpoint are just plain strugglin...
mousesports vs Endpoint
Eh, 1-2 in seeding will probably give you a tough team. I think Saw got the rough end of the stick playing complexity in the first round after going 2-1
mousesports vs Endpoint
Both teams are struggling at the moment big time. I think Endpoint are struggling a lot more though. Similar stories for both teams.
Heretics vs Secret
Hi, like look at their round win ratio before/after round 20 and you can clearly see that they struggle to close out games on some maps. Could be an issue mentally or the other team doing much better....
r8 casting men))
I was going to watch but he was ending as i got in - RIP.
Heretics vs Secret
Nah, Heretics look really good then they just can't close out games.
sAw vs Tikitakan
Tikitakan are not removing Inferno - they've played it quite a bit in their advanced games. Nuke will be their first ban and they'll likely pick Overpass/Inferno. ...
Nexus vs LDLC
I am - already listed.
Nexus vs LDLC
Nexus vs LDLC
Heart says Nexus, Brain says LDLC. Predicted Map Picks Nexus bans Nuke LDLC bans Mirage Nexus picks Vertigo LDLC picks Inferno Nexus bans Dust 2 LDLC bans Overpass Train - Decider Prediction: LDLC wi...
Secret vs sAw
This game has been scheduled at 1700 CEST on the 9/07 according to ESEA