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TRUMP 2020
Lets assume even if I did , they would be more trustworthy , no doubt . To assure you my sources are credible I use multiple media outlets + independant journalists , always fact checking aswell , and...
TRUMP 2020
Documented by Swedish feminist organisations that support islam and then cry about rape culture in the west ? Trully bold , stunning and trustworthy source .
Trump TRUTH BOMBS about radical muslims in congress
She is not american born , get your facts straight , do some research about her , see her connections to terrorist organisations , allegedly she did fraud by marrying her own brother and her father wa...
Poland is too good for Europe
Funniest thing is people that throw shit at Poland would prolly want to immigrate there in 30 years when their countries get overtaken by migrants . Irony would be rich .
Trump 2020
As unlikely as it is he seems to be one , working class voted for him and he did a lot to bring back steel and coal jobs that Obama basicly destroyed , USA is energy independant now and has lowest eve...
Trump 2020
He is a billionaire that doesnt need lobbyist money like other candidates do , was one of his arguments during 2016 election actuatelly .
Recently had decent discussion with you , but man you look pathetic now . 7 out of 10 criminals in prison are registered democrats , lets assume Trump supporters are 'stupid' , which would you prefer ...
California is fallen state , its funny what liberal policies do , it used to be the golden state that everyone was going to get rich , now people are leaving in masses , drug abuse and homeless crisis...
birth rates
Do more research man , see all the negatives that come with immigration , if it was only skilled labor mainly I would be pro immigration too but its far from it sadly ..
birth rates
There was a study that showed it already is dropping around Europe , you can guess why .
This is disgusting and disturbing , there should be outrage in Denmark about this , dont let that pass like its nothing ..
Hottest Girls
Slavic and scandinavian girls , some asians aswell .
I did justify it , but arguing with imbecile is pointless .
There are plenty more , im sure you can google it yourself , have no intention to continue this convo with you because it would be waste of time and you wouldnt change your views anyway .