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Astralis vs FaZe
What a pathetic display
Dark > Raynor > Serral
Starcraft is the beginning of esports, and the most competitive game even until now. It's just not popular anymore. You don't see Google developing AI to play dota, LOL, CSGO, but they do develop AI f...
FaZe vs NiP
Finally Ninjas in the final, probably will get dismantled by Faze though. They are looking really sharp this tournament
Only one f0rest laugh thread
Because he is 31 already and still playing and fragging on highest level of this game perhaps?
Most overrated player per relevant csgo country
f0rest overrated xd.
Mosque in Hong Kong
Opps, Korean actually.
Mosque in Hong Kong
How? Because your first reply looks like a sarcasm perhaps?
Mosque in Hong Kong
Not so sure what pos means but I do feel sorry for the likes of you.
Mosque in Hong Kong
Work on your English before accessing an international site please, can't understand wtf you are talking about. When you string meaningful words into a sentence they suddenly become nonsense. Japanes...
Mosque in Hong Kong
Feel really sad for western people like you, deluded by your anti-China media but not knowing it, bragging about "Freedom of the press" 24/7 but actually don't own it, having a fake feeling of being s...
Mosque in Hong Kong
Nope. Shame on those rioters like you. Those policemen are as restrained as they could, if what is going on in Hongkong happens in a random western country, those rioters will face much more serious c...
Evil Geniuses vs NiP
Keep screaming tarik that's all you got
USA not 1s World
That makes you an ignorant retarded fake-flagger.