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MIBR vs Cloud9
both team extremely bad on T side of Nuke. If MIBR started as T, they might as well lose with a similar score line.
fnatic vs AVANGAR
Thank you Mr Fnatic
Ancient vs Copenhagen Flames
how much?
XD, that A fake actually worked, autimatic rotated, that was 3 vs 1 in B site fot faze, and they cannot manage and you are blaming IGL for this. LUL
AVANGAR vs mousesports
Crushed by mousesports. Just like they should be, just like they will be next week in ECS.
You must have some issue with your brain to be a hater of forest.
MIBR vs Liquid
This is vertigo however. Default A is almost not possible to lose versus pistol s and limited utilities
MIBR vs Liquid
Is vertigo the worst map ever in the competitive map pool? The A site is incredibly hard for the CT to control and there is almost no possibly for retake. Everybody spamming the wall and you lose half...
mousesports vs NiP
how much?
mousesports vs NiP
Really funny to see a lot of retards here losing their bet and then unleashing their pathetic rage onto mousesports. Come on, this team is so young and performed really well in Sydney. One online BO3 ...
Epsilon vs NiP
German scene OMEGALOL
FaZe vs
Oh my god rain... What exactly is going on with him since the first half of 2018?
Epsilon vs NiP
NIP was great at blast, winning against NaVi and ENCE with comfortable score line. What really makes one worry is their consistency. Imagine beating ENCE 16-5 on Nuke and then being rekt by Giants 4-1...
Cloud9 vs Natus Vincere
Sounds like you don't have a brain
Cloud9 vs Natus Vincere
XD, brainless haters. So pathetic