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Is it rude to not tip?
It CAN be rude. I don't know why, but it's just their culture. Maybe it has something to do that the person who tips is in a way higher position than the person being tipped, and tipping can be humili...
Is it rude to not tip?
Where I live, the salary of a normal chef is about the same as a normal waiter. In many restaurants they pool the tips and share it to workers based on the working hours done. In other countries this...
Is it rude to not tip?
Exactly. It depends on the culture. In some cultures it's rude not to tip, in some cultures (Japan?) it can be rude to tip. Post office workers are not tipped anywhere, as far as I know.
ENCE 6-man
I don't disagree: allu, suNny, sergej ja jamppi are pretty solid. If it's possible, alternate between xseveN and Aerial.
Jamppi punishment
He will be called cheater every time he is playing, I think that's more than enough. Yes, everything checks out.
bo5 finals
It's not much better that if you win a team in semi-finals and then you play (lose) to the same team in the finals. It's the same with the decider matches on group stage, you have to play against the ...
Poverty solution
This is how it works in many countries: Prisoners work for very cheap/free, the government puts the profit to "tax pool" and this tax pool is used to redistribute income. I don't think prisoners are ...
European food culture
:) Seriously, I think in North Europe we can make pretty good dishes out of fish, such as blazed salmon (loimulohi), gravlax (graavilohi), smoked fish... My personal favorite is perch prepared in ope...
European food culture
The best thing Finland has given to the world is Swedish meatballs.
Of course it's just ENCE, but that alone was pretty impressive!
Normally he flicks even easy shots (god/bot). Today he slowed his aim to be sure to get the easy ones. Correct if I am wrong.