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Respectable user on HLTV. Fan of team Liquid and hopefully you don't find me too annoying. Wish to have lots of conversations on here! <3
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2021 scene is boring?
2019 was pretty fun when Liquid were dominating. It was crazy for NA fans to see if they can get the IGS and they did! The fact that all 5 were individually cracked and each were pulling off so many h...
Damn I knew Twistzz is really good at pistol rounds but the fact that he is the 2nd highest rated pistol player of all time (behind Niko) surprised me. Imagine FaZe with NiKo, Twistzz, broky, rain, ka...
Got 2nd dose of Pfizer yesterday I was alright just sleepy and sore I woke up today and I felt TERRIBLE. I was nauesous and couldn't eat properly. Basically had the flu symptoms so I was feeling hot a...
team you want to see win a major?
NaVi, Liquid, or FaZe
Yeah growing up I was really shy and nice and my parents told me not to be too nice. They were right since I realized in high school that some people were using my kindness to use me. Tough reality bu...
Yekindar what happend ?
Great player and fun to watch but WHAT IS THAT VIEWMODEL. Looks like he's playing
Your Workout Routine?
I actually started working out 2 weeks ago. I did competitive swimming but I was pretty bad because I was really frail. I do a chloe ting ab exercise than use some dumbbells. I'm learning along the w...
Aim practice
Probably because DM is about pure aim and winning. People will peek anything for a kill and many go into autopilot. In real games you use aim but also your brain and positioning. Your aim is probably ...
Faze ?.
Yeah ropz and Twistzz are pretty similar. FaZe can benefit by getting a main AWPer and have broky hydrid so he can fill up some supportive roles. Either that or they get a lurker or supportive player.
Knifes that no pros ever use
The OP was asking for matches where pros used certain knives. I listed pros who used these knives when they were active. Loba is also a pro since he plays with a mix team and plays tournaments.
Knifes that no pros ever use
I mean he was on his road to become a pro and was destroying in FPL. He stopped for some reason but he's playing with Loba so I guess he's a pro.
About Akuma again
They should just reset the CIS RMR event and redo the event entirely. Of course implement the AC, cams, voice recordings, etc.