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Respectable user on HLTV. Fan of team Liquid and hopefully you don't find me too annoying. Wish to have lots of conversations on here! <3
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Liquid's new EU training facility = dayum
Liquid CSGO team is strong still, maybe not as good as in 2019 but still good. Their other teams are also really nice and maybe not the best, but above average for sure which is good.
Liquid's new EU training facility = dayum
I was about to make a thread on this lol Its honestly crazy how rich Liquid got like god damn Not only do they have strong teams but their franchise players are strong too. They have really strong spo...
I really like the evangelion theme its what got me into the series: Also the minecraft music is nice. Its got this lonely feeling which invokes a lot of no...
I dont even watch basketball but feelsbadman for Kawhi
Liquid Anime Opening
Well made but kinda cringey. What do you guys think
Stewie = Shroud?
stewie is faster but shroud has better aim I do agree that he should have more freedom but its his decision I guess. He is on a team with some of the best mechanically gifted players in NA, even the w...
The csgo scene in your country
Why? Yeah it sucks I guess but its a positive in my eyes. BR scene and MiBR were bringing in so much bad PR and toxicity. Something had to change. Look on the bright side things will shine.
American Prestige
+1 this KinglyFish doesnt know what hes talking about lmao
C9 roster idea and my reasonings
Hes #1 FPL with a 11 game win streak. Id say hes not bad lol
C9 roster idea and my reasonings
Never said OG was a bad team. Im saying that teams like OG are not that good at firepower, but their strong teamwork under good leadership makes up for it.
The csgo scene in your country
well well well guess I was right. Now bring in some Brazilian talent (theres so many) latto, nython, dumau, so many to choose from. Its going to be exciting to see who MiBR chooses
1 map and everyone wants changes XD
Who is #1 rn?
#1 team keeps changing but I would put Vitality. Consistently putting up good placements. coL, Astralis and G2 are also good contenders. #1 player is still between zywoo and s1mple. Think zywoo will g...
workout and your jawline will make up for it :)