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This girl
Whats scary is that she is attractive at first glance but then you realize all the "perfect" mistakes. She is literally too perfect, beyond human and has unnatural features. Her sides are nonexistent ...
You are clearly overthinking it. Everyone is nervous at public speaking no matter how much of a natural you are. I get nervous, Obama gets nervous, you get nervous, we all get nervous! Its all about ...
Roster moves you wish would happen
-sh1ro +YEKINDAR -xsepower +sh1ro -GuardiaN +xsepower or -GuardiaN +sh1ro
My top 7
Id put electronic at the bottom because NAF and Magisk had higher achievments and attended more events. Buthonestly here it gets difficult to rank them because they are all such good players. I think ...
New Jersey
Yo same im from Bergen County too what the :O
Cloud9 motm
My thoughts exactly He does not over peek and his aim is really consistent Seems like a great support player. This C9 looks very stable and consistent, I have high expectation for them :)
everyone hate my country :(
:( big sad mostly because of big bird trump
Which side do you support?
Let us all hope for the best. I just wish this did not happen (literally the worse case scenario is happening). Let us all wish the soldiers and Iranians safety. I worry for everyone in danger.
Which side do you support?
+1 I don't think what both sides did was right. Raiding the embassy was a non peaceful protest was wrong. Retaliating with MISSILES is even more wrong. Both sides had their faults and I think they cou...
Fack you America
Oh no its actually happening (; - ;) I cannot believe we actually got to this point. I wish (I am not religious) that tensions could potentially be resolved peacefully and that innocent Americans and ...
Trump was right?
Honestly I am sick of all these NA people arguing about leftists and rightists. It does not matter which side you take in a political stance. The side you take should not define who you are, just your...
Trump 200 IQ move
+1 I 100% agree. Unfortunately we can never get everything we want in the political world. Trump is sacrificing alot in order to address the problems the US is facing. Only problem is how far will the...
Trump 200 IQ move
Honestly I think there will be little to no change in support. People who hate him will hate him more now, but his supporters will love him more. There is still that middle ground (where I am stuck in...
USA most retarded nation ?
Let's kill more Iranian terrorists
Whatever you believe in I just hope this situation gets settled within this month. I mean still salty that oil prices went up 4% lol