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100 Thieves vs ENCE
from 11-2 to 11-16 XD and they kicked aleksi for this shit?
I are? wtf? is dat English?
mousesports vs Heroic
from 14-8 to 14-16 or OT XD gj heroics
Copenhagen Flames vs Tricked
Round over - Winner: T (2 - 7) - Enemy eliminated acoR killed Farlig with sg556 (headshot) acoR killed AcilioN with sg556 acoR killed TeSeS with sg556 (headshot) acoR planted the bomb (1on3) TeSeS kil...
Heretics vs
13-6? pfff,ofc nope, 14-16. Throwretics, gj, 2-0 for poorland now vs HAVU
finland garbage need some money for food, gj, n1 322, volvo u can do nothing with this, like always
Gambit Youngsters vs Sprout
5-0 7-16 u are welcome russian bastards xd
paiN vs DETONA
vsm pls leave dat shit, #saveVSM
Tricked vs Sprout
sprout - mouse | dust2 | (t)12-3(ct) ---> (ct)12-16(t) sprout - tricked | dust2 | (t)11-4(ct) ---> (ct)11-16(t) ahah, gj guys, never pick dust2 more if u are absolutely ZERO on dust2 ct side
9z vs Falkol
Lose 1v3 on first map = lose all tournament, gj, pro scene is not for u guys
Grayhound vs Chiefs
Round over - Winner: T (14 - 11) - Enemy eliminated dexter killed tucks with deagle (headshot) Sico + DickStacy (assist) killed BL1TZ with ak47 dexter killed zewsy with deagle malta killed ofnu with d...
Grayhound vs Chiefs
4-1? noope, 5-16 8) gj chiefs,
Natus Vincere vs G2
Round over - Winner: T (13 - 10) - Target bombed huNter- planted the bomb (1on1) huNter- killed flamie with ak47 flamie killed JaCkz with m4a1 Boombl4 + GuardiaN (assist) killed nexa with xm1014 (h...
Natus Vincere vs G2
lulvi u know what eco means? ECO ROUNDS
Natus Vincere vs G2
kick lulardian pls