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VINI not in FURIA's plans for 2022
Sad for the Linguiça Shark
Opinion: Why the big Brazilian reunion is a bad idea
Truth has been said. Fer and FNX are retired, a mere shadow of a distant past... Terrible idea, whose results won't go beyond the hype of seeing these names together
k0nfig, blameF join Astralis; ave to coach
The end of an era. Respect to the multiple-major champions, that lineup won't be forgotten.
es3tag and jks transfer-listed by Complexity
Complexity doesn't deserve this. I hope they find peace and success with a new roster, glad to see them committed to CS
fer joins 00Nation
hur dur flair hur dur As stupid as fer's fanbase gets
fer joins 00Nation
A bad one
fer joins 00Nation
The clown that was missing in this team. Now the circus is complete
00Nation bench HEN1, LUCAS1
The funny thing is that kng and the twins were on the "untouchable" part of the team (kng still is, as he kinda "founded" it)
00Nation bench HEN1, LUCAS1
If anyone doubted HEN1's move was the worst ever, take this
JW released from fnatic: "It is time for me to start writing the next chapter"
Legend, an unique style
[VOD] Talking about GODSENT's success and Major team list on HLTV Confirmed with TACO
... but maybe not thaaaaat deep haha
[VOD] Talking about GODSENT's success and Major team list on HLTV Confirmed with TACO
TACO is a bad fragger, sometimes he even looks like an idiot/bot in certain situations, but there is no denying he is an important player for any team he has joined. Wish him and the other Godsent boy...
WOOD7, Tuurtle join MIBR on trial
MIBR has no solution, but good job getting rid of yel, terrible player, despite destroying Bravos...
Liquid, FURIA lead after IEM Fall NA opening day
They are weak. Too much media, but no showing in-game. Being unable to use their 6 man roster weakens them even more.