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shoxie good
1 billion IQ and surgical aim
MAD Lions vs MIBR
His viewers are similarly low IQ, teen/adult nolifers who think it is funny to see an idiot tell others to s%ck his d%ck on twitch and refuse to apologize to racist and stupid sh%t he said. With someo...
MAD Lions vs MIBR
Ranking doesn't matter when it's against mibr. Top 10 and top 70 teams achieve the same results
MAD Lions vs MIBR
Nice player but putting up such numbers against mibr isn't that hard atm apparently
MAD Lions vs MIBR
Disband, as much as I'd like to see you shine again. Fer's arrogance has reached unbearable levels, 2/17 on train and still talking shit on social media. GTFO
-trk incoming
They will either disband or -fer or -taco soon, after this next tournament
hate NAF
it's just his natural appearance, probably he's been like this since he was born
hate NAF
Nobody hates NAF. Extremely low profile, humble and one of the best ever at CSGO
Coolest Pro Name?
His name + nick is actually pretty cool/"funny". Like it too
Coolest Pro Name?
@the guys above me: that's it, I forgot about the beautiful Antares star =)
Coolest Pro Name?
XANTARES is really nice. Sounds like some astronomy sh$t
mr12 stupid
Giving chance for MR12 is equal to giving chance to Valorant crybabies to try to remake CS, which shouldn't happen. Want MR12? Go to Valorant, kid
FURIA vs Liquid
Brazilians braindead - says the obese american whose only major belongs to Clown9, winning it against the freefalling, choking FaZe joke of back then
FURIA vs Liquid
Clown9 never gets to finals dude
MIBR vs MAD Lions