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FaZe will be top 1 in 2020
nitr0 is a topfragging igl so what ur saying is kinda bs sis
Most iconic CS:GO plays
Neo ace against dignitas was also sick af tho
I would prefer that Freya girl froc ecs more, she does a much better job, this frankie girl so overrated she has literally no clue about cs, always the same boring stuff
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
Yeah im not stupid, but would love to see it. The problem is they have no players that are able to fking multifrag so yeah its a gg i think aswell haha
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
Tbh if besiktas win this it would be a huuuuuge boost to female cs and cs in overall
Dreamhack and sexism
Thats also true, but look at it from a viewer perspective i prefer seeing a female team once at a tournament wiht males than a random asian team that no one has ever heard of... I know its pretty cont...
Dreamhack and sexism
I think its good, will be a wake up call to realise that female csgo is just not on the same level as male cs.
"Plopski is better than Brollan" they said
He just joined Nip and needs to perfor in one of the biggest events of the year. Give him a few months man
I make fun of your country
The french part sucks at Dutch tho
I make fun of your country
faceit solo q
I also thought this but faceit is much worse tbh
Shox Tilt
Bro ur a fan of REZ thats Nip u know xD
White woman beat immigrants
bad ass music as well man xD
RpK, from playing with trash players like ScreaM, xms, SIXER, hadji, Happy
Tier 2
RpK, from playing with trash players like ScreaM, xms, SIXER, hadji, Happy
Bro ScreaM is now in a pretty decent team again, no one ever liked Sixer etc... Sixer is like the worst pro awper ive ever seen in my life