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Sprout vs G2
Round over - Winner: T (5 - 5) - Enemy eliminated syrsoN killed Lucky with p250 (headshot) mirbit killed JaCkz with glock syrsoN planted the bomb (3on2) syrsoN + faveN (assist) killed shox with p25...
AVANGAR vs Tricked
Round over - Winner: T (9 - 6) - Enemy eliminated b0RUP + sjuush (assist) killed buster with ak47 sjuush killed qikert with ak47 (headshot) sjuush killed SANJI with ak47 (headshot) SANJI killed ac...
Winstrike vs Tricked
Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 6) - Bomb defused b0RUP defused the bomb b0RUP killed n0rb3r7 with usp_silencer (headshot) b0RUP killed Kvik with usp_silencer (headshot) Kvik + El1an (assist) killed ...
GamerLegion vs OFFSET
yeah FeelsGoodMan especially after ex6tenz nobrain push
GamerLegion vs OFFSET
nawwk + HS (assist) killed pr with awp pr killed ScreaM with ak47 (headshot) pr + obj (assist) killed HS with ak47 pr planted the bomb (4on3) zlynx killed hampus with ak47 (headshot) nawwk killed...
eUnited vs Hentai Heroes
ez for weebs Kappa
GamerLegion vs OFFSET
Round over - Winner: CT (16 - 18) - Enemy eliminated HS + Ex6TenZ (flash assist) killed pr with aug HS killed JUST with aug (headshot) HS + Ex6TenZ (assist) killed stadodo with aug HS killed obj wi...
GamerLegion vs OFFSET
Round over - Winner: CT (16 - 16) - Bomb defused pr defused the bomb pr + stadodo (assist) killed nawwk with aug pr + JUST (assist) killed ScreaM with hegrenade ScreaM planted the bomb (2on1) nawwk ...
5balls vs Smoke Criminals
smoke criminals? more like throw and choke criminals
BIG vs
just kick denishit
female "analysts" at CS events
anal yes
NOTBAD vs Espada
Round over - Winner: CT (10 - 16) - Enemy eliminated SlooKy killed RAiLWAY with deagle (headshot) RAiLWAY killed moonsh1n3 with ak47 (headshot) sugaR killed FinigaN with deagle (headshot) FinigaN ...
NOTBAD vs Espada
tricky planted the bomb (2on1) FinigaN killed SlooKy with ak47 FinigaN + h1glaiN (assist) killed moonsh1n3 with ak47 (headshot) SlooKy killed degster with aug (headshot) moonsh1n3 killed h1glaiN w...
NOTBAD vs Espada
notbad is so fking bad mens
Sprout vs Epsilon
they look like trash not like fking solid tier2 team