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For all the triggered LGBT left wingers:

Being gay is ok, but praising gays is not. Its their choise so let them do what they want but don't brainwash kids into thinking its cool to be gay or that its normal, BECAUSE ITS NOT. I do not understand "pride", like theres nothing to be proud about being gay. Do all straight people go around places spamming "I'm so proud to like the apposite sex please recognice me"? No. With all there "pride" posts you are just constantly reminding us that they are different than us "normal people". And seriously all these pride filters are a joke, just trying to seek out attention from LGBT and SJW retards for "supporting everybody equally". Mostly all the people spamming this pride shit aren't even gay themselves, why really bother then? Why they care so much, just trying to act SJW's and get an image of being the good guy. I bet you most people you claim to be homophobes think like me, they dont hate actual gay people but the idiots that praise them. Also with the birth rates allready going down, if everyone starts being gay that won't really help. These are my beliefs and you can't change them. Also its freedom of speech. If i get banned for this then thats a pity.

TLDR; I don't hate gay people but I hate everybody that supports them with pride filters and other bullshit. Don't make gay the new normal. Theres a reason men and women exist, they are made to be together.

Posting your pride flags gay propaganda and praising them only gets people more triggered and that way you are doing more harm than good. People seriously don't care if someone likes the same gender because it doesn't affect them in any way but seeing all the pride posts just makes them mad, that way you assume we are "homophobic". And that sucks for the actual gay people that now are hated more because of idiots that are straight and spam their pride posts.

Also, if you use the word homophobe you are a dumbass, like its a phobia to not support mental illness? Get a grip snowflake
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