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game changers netflix
Meat bad vegetables good
Keto diet
Great in the short term, bad in the long term.
Big opinions from yellow, crooked teeth.
Vegans? What do you think?
Nice appeal to futility btw.
Ok then what the fuck causes atherosclerosis? Is it just a natural aging thing? No because when you adjust other life factors, and only account for cholesterol and saturated fat intake, guess what, pe...
Veganism What you basically wrote was 'Idc about scientific evidence because it doesn't fit my agenda'. Get Sv3rige's dick outta your ass you ...
Ye you must be glad you started watching him so you can accelerate your atherosclerosis.
And also wtf is that B12 bull shit. Ruminant animals don't produce B12, they consume B12 since they eat sanitised foods and drink untreated water. B12 isn't an animal hormone and you my friend need to...
Ok man if all these absorption rates are insane, then why the fuck do vegans not have significantly increased deficiency rates compared to meat eaters?
Vitamin A from carrots/sweet potato B12 is a form of bacteria found in fresh untreated water and soil. We clean our food and treat water which is why we don't get B12 in its raw form. B6 from wholegra...
Because people have been indoctrinated into the belief that eating meat is morally acceptable and it has all the essential nutrients that cannot be found in vegan diet. If these people did a little re...
acne medicine doesn't work
Cut out dairy.
for all meat eaters
Yeah as of this moment, it is impossible to live a harmless farming life; by standing animals/insects will be killed accidentally, however that is a key point. Vegan diet does not 'intend' to kill any...
for all meat eaters
Ye fish still have a nervous system and feel pain
for all meat eaters
Are you retared? look at the statistics for sentient deaths per calorie; meat vs plant foods. Insane difference.