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New pickem system sucks
How fo you get vacced then? Doesn't make any sense
G2 will replace Lucky
Lucky was better than jackz in 3dmax because he had better roles, he has worse roles now and that's why he has the worst stats
Lick girl's pussy on first date
This thread screams Virgin
Zywoo Top 1 2019
No elige 2.
Wtf No Fnatic in Major
Well Real Madrid is a top team, fnatic isn't. Also I am pretty sure Sprout would have qualified rather than fnatic
my dad is racist
regularly uses slurs like the N word or Terrorist and refers to black people as “porch monkeys” Do you actually call this criticism? That's just pure racism. Also OP you should probably just talk to ...
is 20kg a lot?
Shut up this dude is 195cm tall, while you are probably a dwarf at 160cm and weigh about 45kg. Get your skinny ass outta here
is 20kg a lot?
Depends, if he weighs 200+ kg it is possible by doing daily cardio and a diet with the bare minimum nutrition to survive. That would be hell, but possible
Villages/Small cities > big cities
The best is a small city only 20min from big cities away
Minor Play-In
Na 1 major Eu all the other Majors -1, just shut up, Liquid is by far the best team right know, just be happy with it, don't try to change history and say eu always chokes in majors, eu won all majors...
Do you have a pretty mom?
Typical alban
Do you have a pretty mom?
049 110
EliGE era is upon us
He plays more an more the ak47 in the last few months, I don't know why, he might be expecting a nerf or feels better with the ak
Twistzz and NAF >>>> EliGe
EliGe is the best and most consistent player in the Liquid team