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classic ESEA rage
They're Aussies, but british Ragers are pretty funny as well.
Schalke 04 4:4 Borussia Dortmund. Schalke came back after a 0:4 deficit in the first half. The best thing is, I only watched the second half. Also a Friend of mine who is fan of BVB send me a snap for...
BiG vs FaZe waste of time
Faze just loves the pain, that's why they're playing it out.
BIG international
I think kito will improve, just like jackz, jackz sucked in the beginning but now he's my favourite player in G2. He has some bad games, but I would say he is becoming more consistent.
How did you discover COUNTER STRIKE?
My friend I was playing overwatch with, started to play csgo, so I did as well and never looked back since. Eventhough he stopped after about 2 months.
Gg well played, G2 got rekt. Big is my second favourite team so it's fine. :D
G2 vs BIG
Nice my two favourite Teams!
$400 On g2
Way too eZ for G2. NaVi threw, because of that one round tbh. I can't believe they still won. Flamie was on fire.
arms race
I really loved it, before I had 100h in csgo, but I find it quite boring now. Because it's too eZ to win.
Stretched stopped working AMD
I had to for another game. ...
hltv logic?????????
Because flusha is hacking
flamie low iq?
He wanted to save his kd, he had a 17/17 k/d so exactly 1, just about positive. So it's perfectly understandable to save in the last round before overtime lol.
G2 - FaZe
They'll give their best of course. A tournament is always good pratcice, playing under pressure. Also I would bet on g2, no way faze win with their new 5.