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I think I go crazy
Dumb kid. You'll grow up someday... maybe.
Still way better than you.
conservatives come here
Daaaamn, you a savage, my dude.
Should America
Lol, when are you gonna pay off that 22 trillion debt, my burger?
Coldzera or Zywoo
We saw what happened when fraudzera couldn't bait. Dropped from #1 to #10, and even that was undeserved because of all his stat padding. I doubt he'll even break top 15 this year. As a player, the fr...
2014-2015 pro scene > 2019 pro scene
I never said NiP didn't have an era. By definition, they did, and they're one of the 3 teams that ever did. But you said in the post I replied to: ''Just because no one could contest them doesn't mea...
Star wars episode 9
Last SW movie I watched was Revenge of The Sith. And it will stay that way. Don't need Disney's political agenda crap. I pretend they don't exist.
2014-2015 pro scene > 2019 pro scene
2014-2015 pro scene > 2019 pro scene
The teams NiP beat to get their 87-0 wouldn't even break top 70 right now, and that's coming from a NiP fan since 2015. Astralis were dominant in a much more competitive and much higher skill time th...
Astralis GOAT
Idiotic kid with -40 IQ.
Astralis GOAT
+1 By the way, the FaZe fan fidget spinner kid above me is autistic.
She likes him, it's pretty obvious. But he has a gf.
Boy photo
Aleksib is a hot bedroom genius. He is most know of his signature tactic "going frankie, but then going to girlfriend". he has also a little known tactic "going to girlfriend, but then going to girlfr...
ENCE fluke
0/8 Still a mad murican from major? Your team lost, little boy. Accept it.