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Dignitas vs Sinners
they are make entry going 2 v 5 on a site and cant win this rount
Heroic vs Renegades
god damn imagine how bad rng and c9,heroic have changed 2,not 1,2 PLAYERS and they still cant take a single map,this teams-0 future
Sinners vs K23
Round over - Winner: CT (0 - 1) - Enemy eliminated beastik killed neaLaN with usp_silencer (headshot) oskar killed AdreN with cz75a (headshot) oskar killed mou with cz75a (headshot) oskar killed n0rb3...
Nordavind vs GROND
win better team and lose against norda,its defolt
Nordavind vs Tricked
vidish ya bil prav,nikogda ne ssi ranshe vremeni,ochen mnogo fake comebackov dayut
Nordavind vs Tricked
3.6 on tricked bo3 mb try?
Copenhagen Flames vs MIBR
because its always work bro.Listen:team like mibr is comfortable to be outsider(playing vs top teams) to make some unpredictable moves and other stuff.And another situation when mibr is favourite,agai...
Copenhagen Flames vs MIBR
god damn brazil cs go so bad just bad against this guys,i like brazilian girls,brazilian songs and dance but guys you need some new system,all br players have good aim but 0 chemistry and 0 game sense...
Copenhagen Flames vs MIBR
2 v 4 and i lose bet,nothing new
Copenhagen Flames vs MIBR
how you can bet on cs go when you see score 15-10 and know what its now over yet,so many times,so many times dude..
skazal fanat grondov lul
GODSENT vs Sinners
sinners are good in some clutch situations but sometimes their defolts is bad,they often win rounds like 2 v 4 by oscar or zedko perfomance,sometimes you cant win this situations
Spirit vs Gambit
fuckin flashbacks i bet on dreameaters on berlin major and they throw from 15-4 on mirage against intz and if i lose now..never mind
Sinners vs Sprout
need to learn english instead of this tier 3 tournaments)
Sinners vs Sprout
sry i am from russia learn german in school