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Gla1ve Cheating
hes always had good skill. only in recent years has he had the right attitude
gave 20 $ to a guy
literally 20 bucks short for a stat bfk fade help a brother out xD
Spirit vs Virtus.pro
i dont bet mens. i miss the good old days of vp thats all :) biceps is always with you :D
Your best ban reason
i was only banned once, for saying polish people do a certain type of job in the uk :( im not saying it again i dun wan another ban, this was quite a while ago now, a year or 2. ive grown older since ...
i think guardian should retire, hes been off his game for over a year now. i would take xsepower in his place personally, jame is selfish not a team player though a good awp, and idisbalance is just n...
Respect older people
age isnt the issue, attitude and mentality is.
Spirit vs Virtus.pro
this vp team makes a mockery of a once great name in cs. just disband pls.
looking at the hltv rankings i dont see either of these teams so they probably both suck. logan to win the pistol, ksi the forcebuy, probably trade rounds for a scrappy 16-13 finish for logan.
fuckable pros?
No weed or no sex?
no sex and no weed = under 16 years old
top 10 uk player (NOT SMOOYA INCLUDED)
thomas top1 uk
SG has ruined the game
isnt the sg the same since 2014? for years everyone can use it as it is?
UK are worst players
even when they speak english its still nonsense :(
UK are worst players
usually fine for me, at least they communicate properly unlike russians just shouting nonsense all game and doing nothing useful
Semmler aka sellout
wheres babam