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RTX 3050 price omegalul
as long as kids buy it with daddy's money and miners + scalpers get every card they can reach ppl like you and me don't matter in the great scheme of things.
RTX 3050 price omegalul
probably the better investment tbh
RTX 3050 price omegalul
even 250$ is just scam for a 50 Tier card. That's the fucking entry model which has always been sold for around 100-150$.
RTX 3050 price omegalul
get a used cheap older model like the GTX 980 (Ti) or GTX 1070, don't waste your money on the "new" cards until the next gen drops and Intel had time to launch their consumer model, prices should drop...
RTX 3050 price omegalul
remember a few years ago when we were able to buy a GTX 970 or R9 290 for 300-350€ to get really close to highend performance back then? Good times. GTX Titan X ruined everything, GPU prices exploded ...
Carmac: "It's very much going to be the same ESL and FACEIT, and if it's not, then we should absolutely be judged for that"
That is not how business works mate, they might throw money at it now, but in the future they expect shit to go their way and things will change.
[VOD] HLTV Confirmed with guest YNk: Discussing Major rules, BLAST groups, and ESL-FACEIT merge
Who cars if he is the biggest NiKo fanboy, of course he is biased towards him, they were teammates and are friends after all. Doesn't change the fact that he never disappointed as analyst.
Counter-Quiz: launders & Scrawny
bruh how did they not know about 32K/month DJs?
ESL and FACEIT merge under new ownership
kinda hypocritical to see all these clowns rage against that "immoral" saudi money while driving their internal combustion engine cars for all their lives and building up that saudi money. Every singl...
top 5 deagle players
sh1ro doesn't suck, he plays very passive because nafany tells him to save quite often to boost their economy for the next round. sh1ro himself is an absolute monster, everyone who thinks different do...
Americas, EU & CIS, Asia & Oceania regions to be merged for upcoming Major-qualifying cycle
Honestly this is fucked up, NA + SA combined with less spots than EU & CIS legend spots alone? What the fuck volvo, you just killed NA in major tournaments... Furia will grab the legends spot for sure...
s1mple no1 for ever?
Magisk & Dupreeh Top 20 2021? --> Nope b1t Top 9 2021. electroNic top 7 2021 your point?
Top 20 players of 2021: s1mple (1)
you gotta love how s1mple is such a massive smooya fanboy :D
your flair is in it, go for it mate