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apEX most toxic pro!
yeah kick the IGL, best idea ever.
Astralis Talent vs Lyngby Vikings
weird to see Astralis loose so many games, even if its their academy team :D
-kennyS +who ?
stop hating on him ffs, he isn't doing bad right now. Look at fucking NiKo he is supposed to be the hardcarry in G2 and he had the same rating as kenny had. G2 just got rekt by NaVi, S1mple as that.
Vitality vs Liquid
damn ZywOo is such a freaking god, 1 fucking hp and he destroys them all
Vitality vs Liquid
he was so close to doing a gla1ve lul
bye leaf
if this is enough proof to you every CS GO player should get banned. I can clip an hour long movie from my mm games with clips that are more suspicious than this one.
bye leaf
still waiting for proof, he could have lifted his mouse there, anything could have happened, this one clip offers no proof at all.
bye leaf
how can you still be butthurt months and months later. If he would have cheated he would have been kicked afterwards, do you honestly think steel would tolerate anything that could compromise his situ...
bye leaf
i said bring it on, not show me a clip that doesn't show anything
best entry in the world hands down
you got baited
bye leaf
well bring it on :)
Astralis vs G2
srsly G2 how can you not use a single flash when you peek device there...
i don't want to assume things without knowing shit but i guess he had something in his personal life that affects him, he tilts much faster than normal and seems down most of the time, i don't think h...