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Poland General Manager - x-kom team (

Working History:

Poland Head of New Business - Team Kinguin (
Poland Head of Content and Sponsorships - Kinguin (
Germany Head of Content - STARK (
Europe Editor in Chief - E-Frag (
Poland Head of eSports - Gdansk Lions (
Germany Editor in Chief - Meet Your Makers (
Germany Assistant Editor in Chief - Team Acer (
Germany StarCraft II Editor - Team Acer (
Germany StarCraft II Editorial Supervisor - Meet Your Makers (mymym
United States Editor in Chief - Check Six Gaming (
Poland Editor - Frag eXecutors (
Portugal Editor in Chief - Team Excello (
Australia Journalist - fnaticMSI (
United States Writer - Electronic Sports League (
United States Writer - (

Events Attended:

Poland Meet Point [Warsaw, Poland] (May, 2018)
Poland Road to GG League Finals [Opole, Poland] (May, 2018)
Poland Polish Esports League Week 3 [Nadarzyn, Poland] (April, 2018)
Denmark Copenhagen Games 2018 [Copenhagen, Denmark] (March, 2018)
Hungary V4 Future Sports Festival [Budapest, Hungary] (March, 2018)
Poland IEM Katowice 2018 [Katowice, Poland] (March, 2018)
Germany Gamescom 2017 [Cologne, Germany] (August, 2017)
Poland GGLeague Finals [Poznan, Poland] (June, 2017)
Poland GeForce Cup 2017 [Wroclaw, Poland] (May, 2017)
Germany TEO Esports Conference #4 [Berlin, Germany] (April, 2017)
Poland IEM Katowice 2017 [Katowice, Poland] (March, 2017)
Poland Copernicup [Torun, Poland] (February, 2017)
United States IEM Oakland 2016 [Oakland, USA] (November, 2016)
Germany ESL Meisterschaft 2016 [Cologne, Germany] (August, 2016)
Poland IEM Katowice 2016 [Katowice, Poland] (March, 2016)
Belarus SL i-League StarSeries XIV [Minsk, Belarus] (January, 2016)
Poland IEM Katowice 2014 [Katowice, Poland] (March, 2014)
Poland BarCraft Gdansk 2011 [Gdansk, Poland] (November)
Poland WCG Poland 2011 [Warsaw, Poland] (October)
Poland SEC 2011 [Warsaw, Poland] (October)
Germany ESET Masters Cup 2011 [Cologne, Germany] (August)
Germany WCG Germany 2011 [Cologne, Germany] (August)
Germany XMG Series Finals 2011 [Cologne, Germany] (August)
Germany ESL IEM GC Cologne 2011 [Cologne, Germany] (August)
Poland European Invitational 2011 [Warsaw, Poland] (August)
United States ESWC Grand Final 2008 [San Jose, USA]

Managing History:

United States Amazing Online CEVO-M S7 (5th Place)
United States Amazing Online CEVO-P Placement S8 (2-3)
United States APUSH CEVO-M S8
United States APUSH CEVO-M S9
United States APUSH CAL-P S21
United States APUSH CAL-I S22 *5th place*
United States APUSH Howie's GameShack (3rd place)
United States Endurance CNC LAN (1-1) 11/19/08
United States Endurance CEVO AT Tournament (6-2) *9th-16th/128*
United States Endurance CNC LAN (4-2) 12/21/08 *3rd place*
United States Endurance (HAUSEN) CEVO Main S10 (14-7) *5th place*
United States HAUSEN eSports ESEA Open S2 (15-1) *1st place*
United States west coast Rockers CEVO NZXT (8-1)*2nd place*
United States d1versity ESEA Main Season 3 (19-3) *1st place*
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