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FaZe vs Astralis
Nice to see Faze doing so well in this group of tier 1 teams :)
Sprout vs pro100
To be fair none of those three players are in a decent team. Sprout is arguably the best but have never and will never move past tier 3 because they are a feeder for better teams. Creating a full pol...
Sprout vs pro100
You’re a moron
Sprout vs pro100
Surely Dycha, NEEX, Michu can be the base of a somewhat decent polish team?
MIBR vs Gen.G
Like it’s nice to have something to watch and even bet on but it just feels like MDL at this point. I’m not really even watching, I don’t know who is doing well and I don’t really even care..
MIBR vs Gen.G
Anyone else lost track of what these games even mean anymore? Without going back to look at the tournament page it just feels like never ending games...
FaZe vs fnatic
VP, OG and forze though... nothing too special in terms of wins lately for faze
Dignitas vs Gen.G
Strong CT side. Looks like 100T trying to play CT side
MIBR>>100k viwers in regular match
You're both being idiots. Be nice to one another
100 Thieves vs FURIA
Regardless of that. Furia’s CT side is also trash
100 Thieves vs FURIA
The 100T T side is world class. CT side is trash
VERTEX vs Rooster
Winterfox? Is that you?
I’ll put you on my list
You're an idiot. The infection rate is roughly 3 for COVID which means those new infections will translate to 18,000 soon enough. They have done nothing to flatten the curve
Vitality vs ENCE
Finland CS dead.