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Leaf cheating for sure
https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticEagerPhoneFunRun?tt_medium=clips&tt_content=recommendation 23 sec
its like a stadium, "la tribonera stadium", hes not a caster, he's just a cs lover, and a brasilian fan. its like 400k people just watching the game together, thats the tribe
shoulder punch, U R WEAK!
FURIA 940€
Gaules 200k
every player who enter in mibr as player 5, is under huge pressure, but if u want be dumb as hell and keep baiting, ok, go for it
120k br watching the game, if he miss a shot, everybody spam "kick trk", and its only he's 2 game for mibr. if that is not pressure... but sure the great SWQZ from namibia is a cold ass motherfucker, ...
FaZe vs MIBR
RIO hate
brazil is a great coutry run by idiots, thief politicans, and shitheads... the skill level is going to be rly low cause the teams r going to the best partys in the world
Major in Brazil (not confirmed)
that's not a excuse, my brother got robbed in LA this week, so thats not something u can control... if u just know the places u can go, thats gonna b safe. and the major probably will b in sao paulo, ...
Major in Brazil (not confirmed)
the same for u habbib es
Major in Brazil (not confirmed)
if br teams goes down early, the crowd will still make the event, we dont had big events, so a fking major will come... i think it will be sold out every day
Major in Brazil (not confirmed)
your country is a big war man wtf, but i respect because of the pak hash
Major in Brazil (not confirmed)
ur making a dumb comparison, the soccer world cup, what is the biggest sport event on earth, and the cs major... the criminals knew that a lot of drunk gringos will be without the correct protection s...