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Budapest Five vs Dignitas
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
Yeah maybe our bulgarian friends can tell us why. But none of them are here. I mean his aim looks good, and he players so discipline. Enjoy to watch
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
So now BP5 lose on train and can't get 10 rounds? Can't even use logic with these tournament anymore. So hard to predict. But I do hope BP5 close the series.
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
That's why i said "dirty works" . They're not capable to farm money by winning the tournaments. So they farm money by doing other things Kappa
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
This team built to do some dirty works on low tier tournaments bro. The org probably happy that they're playing like that. xd
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
BP5 still not get a good odds to win the series even if they won nuke. I don't know what that means, but I'm feeling good with BP5 +1.5
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
Ikr. That's why I asked why this guy choose to being a coach. He is actually good.
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
Csgo, right? Weird.
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
Yeah I think so. Underdog teams used to struggle closing out the map when they're in a lot of pressure. DIG probably take this 16-14. But I hope I am wrong.
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
is flashie really their coach? I mean he still young & his aim still on point for tier 2-3 team. Why is he being a coach?
Budapest Five vs Dignitas
why terrible? that's the best map BP5 can get. lmao
Dignitas vs Apeks
well i was wrong. Hallzerk definitely belong in this team. Not even a solid tier 2 awper.
Mission impossible for OG. BIG ban train OG ban vertigo BIG pick dust2 OG pick inferno BIG ban overpass OG ban mirage Nuke was left over There's no way OG win this match tbh. Aleksib need to make ad...
Complexity vs Heroic
Complexity ban inferno Heroic ban overpass Complexity pick dust 2 Heroic pick train Complexity ban vertigo Heroic ban mirage Nuke was left over Complexity 2-1
Cloud9 vs Chaos
chaos play as messy as they want to but c9 still lose the map. I hope they comeback on train and beat the 90% winrate team xd. if not rip $40