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Does s1mple really bait?
Tbh its the same when ALEX was still on vitality. Right now the style is different. Everyone got parts, and can do anything they want. But navi is still old school, they just set up a lot around s1mpl...
Does s1mple really bait?
Why a lot of peoples keep saying : "he always got drop good pistols/guns from his teammates" is it really baiting? I honestly thought it was just a casual & common strategy. U drop guns to your best p...
Agreed. Trade kyrie for drummond.
honda = art -2.0
if s1mple will get #1
Make a Superteam
Idk. Seems like a tactical guy.
Make a Superteam
AleksiB ( IGL ) s1mple ( awper ) ropz ( entry ) xyp9x ( support ) NiKo ( lurker ) Coach : zonic / THREAT
CeRq top 1 2021
best krieg players pre nerf?
Agreed on all 4 of them. Also magisk & frozen worth to mention. +1
CeRq top 1 2021
Yep. He wasnt just super fast back then. He was probably the smartest awper too.
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
Overpass used to be a comfortable map for EG. Lets go EG!! Make it to 25% winrate on ovp ;))) PS : it doesnt matter if EG lose this 2-1. They still ahead on H2H against astralis xD
CeRq top 1 2021
Old kennys will never be replace. xD
Imagine if OG were smart
AleksiB valde mantuu autimatic Flusha That would be the dream tbh. But they wont change roster until LAN comes back imo. There is still a lot to show from this current OG line up. I have faith on the...
goat of csgo [poll]
dev1ce isnt a GOAT yet imo. But he is definitely the number #1 contender for that status. No one else even close to achieve #1 contender. I know 4 majors is amazing. But its team achievement. Not his....