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ZywOo greatest of all time by far. Greatest French by far.
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your height
Math pros come
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
Mostly cuz of eco frag hunting. s1mple isn't even close since ZywOo has come alive. 1.23 is pretty bad from ZywOo.
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
s1mple is good but his stats are very inflated due to eco frags.
Zywoo Top 1 2020
Deserved for ZywOo
Na'vi bwahahahaha
KennyS did outperform broky today
Stats aren't everything. Openings are more important than any other frag and multi kill while solo holding positions is much more profitable as team can cover more space. FaZe can't push without leavi...
KennyS did outperform broky today
Doesn't change the fact. Broky frags on AWP only when his team takes attention.
KennyS did outperform broky today
As a sniper no way. Broky can't even outperform tier 3 AWPers. His all frags are ecos. Literally his dust 2 performance shows how his all the frags come.
KennyS did outperform broky today
Noooooo At max 15 days after this tournament.
Now I also want Na'vi to win. Astralis fans are too cocky.
Okay lol You're the best, and still you can't anti strat two newly formed teams(one tier 3) on your favorite map which is also the most complicated map in the pool.
Olof should be playing AWP. He can actually look for openings sometimes.
Actually I agree. He bagged all his kills on the back of rain on ecos. Other than that no impact with AWP.
Only funny thing is he performs in one tournament and then not in other. But it's online only. People used to hate when he had 1.15 rating on LAN last year so they gonna still hate. He just has to pre...