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ZywOo greatest of all time by far. Greatest French by far.
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s1mple 1v1 ZywOo 45.57% for s0mple
s1mple 1v1 ZywOo
Lmao you're dumb. shox is main AWP on inferno and vertigo. Go check ZywOo's highlights and especially clutches. Rarely a clutch is with AWP while he's best clutch player itw.
s1mple 1v1 ZywOo
Lmao are you dumb? ZywOo avg player but top 1 in first year of his play. Ratings=aim loooooool then device is better aimer than all guys in scene. NiKo and ZywOo have same style of rifling. But ZywOo ...
smooya & Thomas vs Dima & FinigaN
Why not give trophy to kenny already?
s1mple 1v1 ZywOo
Lmao Whenever I watch him, he's one guy with him bodyguarding him and you say he's best gamesense loooool ZywOo,device,kennyS all have much better gamesense and that's why they can play solo with AWP,...
s1mple 1v1 ZywOo
Loooool Have you ever watched him play in csgo? Knowing you're s0mple fan, I think s1mple,huNter, electronic,etc are best aimers for you in the scene. NiKo, ZywOo,JaCkz,rain,twistzz are best aimers i...
kennyS & JaCkz vs Ex3rcice & Djoko
Too EZ4kennyS Lmao ZywOo,misutaa and huNter,nexa were favorites loooooool Never doubt kennyS especially when you've tec-9 map in himalaya
s1mple 1v1 ZywOo
Because it's obvious. Rain is the best aimer in the game. Rain would dominate s1mple on rifles ever harder. ScreaM won vs s1mple last year. Csgo is a team game. Knowing angles,gamesense,holding angle...
s1mple 1v1 ZywOo
Lost to scream in 2019 looooooool
s1mple 1v1 ZywOo
Delusional as always. Csgo is a team game. ZywOo has grown up playing loads of games without a lot of practice. He will easily overpower s1mple in server all the time. For some context how bad 1v1s a...
Red bull flick
ez4FatwOo and misutaa since Kenny can't play AWP
rank this csgo team
Even at their peak, this is bad. Toxic baiter will destroy the team. Plus there is no IGL. Pasha adds nothing. NEO at his place would atleast IGL.
Red bull flick
In 2 hours. Check red bull yt channel
0/8 p0mple fan p0mple is not even close