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Worst top 1 ever?
hahaha, let's see, i will send you a message, when my boyz win the Major in Brazil and rize the Trophy in your Country MIBR dude.
Worst top 1 ever?
let's see dude, my boyz has won the Dreamhack Leipzig, they are also superb on lan !
tabsen best of all time.
Worst top 1 ever?
BIG is best No. 1 of all time !!! How can you say that
jair bolsonaro
no Paul Pierce ist "the truth" !!!
TYLOO vs Divine Vendetta
oh man, i miss captainMo, best player Tyloo ever had
mirbit the Monster will win this game in map 3 !
BO5 map advantage is doesn't make any sense, prove me wrong.
+1 haha best comment, i love it. Absolute correct. :-D
BIG #1
so thankful for my boyz. The no. 1 spot is finally here !!! :-)
Rio major
would be a great idea. North Korea have no Corona. Mr. Kim Jong Un would love to see the CS Go Elite :-D
Apeks vs Winstrike
dennis, one of the greatest will Play here. Hope the whole CSGO community will watch this match !
Wizards vs 9INE
they are turks or? like my boy Xantares
maybe my boyz will have a safe win against Vitality, because Vitality gets disband ? thanks to hltv !
fnatic vs BIG
hope my boyz from BIG can win this match. The turkish terminator and the 4 germans are one there run to Top 1. German CS is future ! BIG is future !
FaZe vs BIG
think so, yes. all 3 RMR tournaments will added to a table, i don't know how many Teams can go to the Major, but if it will be 24 (8 legend, 16 Challenger), the 24 Teams with the most Points world wid...