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SJ vs Lyngby Vikings
Incels come
D-DID YOU JUST MAKE FUN OF A NATIONAL TRAGEDY!?!!! M-muh feelings... Maybe get off the internet if you're that sensitive. Seriously just close the web page and walk away if you feel butthurt.
HAVU vs Copenhagen Flames
Vitun ez4havu
hottest artist
He looks dapper but I can not stand his singing. Only the song "Catch it" sounds good.
Very fortunate for Rottance. Finallt for the first time in their history they have the potential skill and Allu's rykä midi tactics to dethrone the mighty Kustralis.
best rap producers
steve albini
r8 random song
Imagine using your free time listening to mk-ultra tier brainwashing white degrading autotune filled pro-LGBTQ+ black power Jewish psyop -tier ultra fucking garbage mega ultra fucking trash shit tier ...
Metal music
I listen to Deathspell Omega and other NSBM bands, metalcore (Botch, Converge, number 12) and industrial metal (Godflesh mainly)
Best awper currently?
Allu by far
Best country to live in
>Germany >Sweden If you prefer grenade attacks and muslims pushing you to train tracks sure.
frankie ward
I wanna see Frankie pussi :-) -DDD wanna see that wet pussi mmmmm *shlup shlup* :-PP
Flukence 3-4 incoming
He is already better. Even Zoree is better than Ottond at the moment.
Winland will win over Brazil
Ei jumalauta nyt vittu oikeesti...
Winland will win over Brazil
I think you were skipping history lessons mate. Ever heard slash-and-burn method which was practiced by Eastern Finns up to the 19th century?