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Nexus vs Wisla Krakow
I'm not from Romania but i wouldn't talk about money if i was from fucking Estonia, i most likely make your salary in less than 3 days and i still don't talk shit about other countries.
Girls at gym
Nah, socializing is fine but going to the gym to meet girls is retarded.
top 10 movies?
Godfather is atleast top3, if you don't like it this doesn't mean that the film is bad, like i said definetly top3.
Vitality vs BIG
Zywoo had an unreal impact on Inferno, he had more impact than Xantares even if he had 8 kills less.
Vitality vs BIG
Zywoo is mad, inferno goes to Vitality most likely.
Muricans are retarded, so nothing is impossible but i really think this will be too much even for them, if Kanye West gets elected than US is a joke.
Vitality vs BIG
First map it was easy for BIG as expected, now 3-1 Vita.
Girls at gym
Actually "gym experts" talk shit even if you are doing fine, most of them talk shit when you do squats but when they are doing themselves you'll laugh since in reality they are the ones who are doing ...
No, they were not winning rounds "purely based off utility", they have great aimers like dupreeh, dev1ce and Magisk, an insanely smart player and the best IGL in csgo history, they were great individu...
Vitality vs BIG
Yeah, definetly, that's why they had the lead on mirage just once(3-1 at the begining), you are delusional, BIG was way better on mirage.
He will be way worse than Trump, do you have a brain?
Vitality vs BIG
Who will pick first? If Vita pick first with map advantage than this is not fair at all, if you give Vitality a map advantage you need to give BIG atleast the first map pick.
Vitality vs BIG
Than bet your house on Vitality if you are so sure, odds are definetly fair, BIG can win this for sure.
Vitality vs BIG
Vitality is definetly the favorite but what you want? Less than 1.35 on them? Odds are definetly fair imo.