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Your CSGO role
The guy who you always drop awp to, if you want to win a round.
Dont care, but dont go in southern finland. Nothing there except for idiots and immigrants. Mid- and Northern-Finland is nice
allu new team
I dont think its the right way but i agree with you otherwise
allu new team
I arent think so. I think Allu are just mean to teammates when he think he best in team. Maybe in some other team with other old good players he wouldnt be a dick
allu is weird, prove me wrong
Nice story 8/8. I just hope this was original and not a copypasta with Allu and taz inserted.
Me neither but that was a dick move from Hamilton. Verstappen was already front of him and on a correct line, and according to fia you need to give space for him.
allu new team
But allu 100x better
allu new team
Fnatic. Fnatic needs awper since JW plays rifle
B1T appreciation thread
+1 B1t second best player 2021
ence fans come here
Fandom of players is different from famdom of a team. I think Ence as an organization is great, even tho the team isnt finnish anymore
P90 Level 10 Faceit EU made it!
Yes mens. But how the fuck you write so long messages. But sure, consistency is the key. Without tooting my own horn too much, i'll bet i hit like 90% of my awp shots. I even used to sub in for some...
P90 Level 10 Faceit EU made it!
I literally cant play anything else. I have shit tier spray control. I'm sorta like Allu in a sense that im totally useless for the team without awp, if i dont hit some nasty deagle shots.
P90 Level 10 Faceit EU made it!
Big deal. I got to lvl10 only using awp and deagle
16:9 users cope
Yes. Its also just plasebo effect but atleast in my case, i cant hit anything even with 21-24 inch monitors.
16:9 users cope
Your name speaks for yourself, but i'll take it anyway. Mostly people use 4:3 because they used to play 1.6 with it sure, but also that enemies are lot wider and "easier to hit". Of course it doesnt ...