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SunNy ence
Nice b8
SunNy ence
Fuck that, do you think those guys wouldnt put up a fight if they wanted to aleksib to stay, or thought that it would ruin the team? Atleast i would
ENCE stupid roster move
This is hltv and what is bask et ball? Why people always bring that up btw, you think after one player changes everybody goes just solo and not give info etc?
ENCE stupid roster move
Virgin? Seksiseiska = sex7? Europe's ninth best faceit player?
ENCE stupid roster move
1. Ence didnt prac with sunny before major, sure they played faceit together but thats just for individual skill, not for strats etc. 2. They played pretty well at blast, considering that 2-3d practi...
SunNy ence
Didnt you read Aerials interview?
SunNy ence
Thats just retarded statement. Sunny hasnt been playing pro games in over half a year and Ence went to that event with only 2 days of practice. In the future after long bootcamps you can rly see what ...
Sunny look
He's been drinking koskenkorva whole 6 months and went dry for the tournament.
Allu just doesnt give a fuck bout anything :D
Arctic Invitational Predictions
+1 SJ just 4 silvers at mm baiting for their global friend.
Aerial still had better stats before major than AleksiB. Also xseven is proabably Ence's best player gamesensewise, and he is currently FIN 2 and EU 9 at faceit. He just plays the hardest position t...
delusional to think Chokequid to be tier1 after couple flukes
Liquid best Nr. 2 Team
1. Ence after Blast Moscow 2-999. Rest
Finnish CS:GO Temmates
Tottakai. Finnish players usually pretty toxic
No. We need to see him play against tier1/2 teams like now at Arctic Invitational. Let's see