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New coL Players?
agreed. Twist is awesome. Really didnt get this fnatic move.
New coL Players?
man, the guy said that he wants and WILL pay for a tier 1 player. He can buy whoever he wants and you get a big question mark player. Theres no way this is going to happen and it should never happen. ...
New coL Players?
wardell yes rush no, his career is over bro
New coL Players?
stop. please, stop.
New coL Players?
me too. not so sure, must take some balls to bench obo.
New coL Players?
>I wouldn't be at all surprised if he picks up GTR and Friberg as "tier 1" replacements for SicK and Rickeh. LOL 100% accurate but lets us hope for the best.
New coL Players?
i like oskar too but hes too instable to deal with cold.
New coL Players?
just no. https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/compare/7810/ShahZaM/9255/draken?p1TimeFilter=allTime&p2TimeFilter=allTime&p1MatchFilter=Lan&p2MatchFilter=Lan&p1MapFilter=allMaps&p2MapFilter=allMaps
New coL Players?
obo, cold, draken, aleksib and....?
rip complexity
it looks to me a way to get in touch with cold.
intz vs furia
knhardcarrying cant save that sinking ship even against the shittiest team on the major.
Major Day 1: Day of the favorites
>i really dont think that he cheats anymore once confirmed cheater, cheater forever, bro it will mark the guy's career i will that a look in some of their games to see if they really can make it but t...
Major Day 1: Day of the favorites
DETONA is that team in which theres a cheater playing on?
aus laws are crazy, matchfixing is a crime that could you get arrested. 1984 feelings.
gotv crash
no fucking energy drink can save gtr to bottonfrag