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godsent was robbed
WTF, so far there are people talking about it, godsent is no big deal, I would take two big stones "FaZe and G2", I'm not stupid, I follow the games, and it would be easy for these two teams to win ag...
Worst top 1 ever?
Worst top 1 ever?
This is the stupidest thing I heard today, I understand that Device was the highlight of your team, but definitely not played more than coldzera, just compare it with zywoo, device went to MVP major b...
Bestest dream team here
Gla1ve Coldzera S1mple NiKo Rain
top 20 2020 prediction
FaZe and NAVI are a little inconsistent, I think the real candidate for the top 1 is G2, which is very solid, since IEM katowice
top 20 2020 prediction
there is literally no top 1 team since gla1ve and xyp9x took a break from Astralis
top 20 2020 prediction
when games were still on lan, coldzera was FaZe's second / first, highest rating, and right after that Niko became the biggest ranting, but it still remains FaZe's second biggest ranting, I don't know...
top 20 2020 prediction
this list is really bad, how can mir be better than all these players? wtf, and why coldzera is not on the list, bombl4 ?? hunter at 10 and dupreeh at 6? there are things on that list that don't reall...
That would be a good thing, let bymas gain more experience with the professional, and bring a good igl, I think that this way niko will be able to focus more on his game, and in general, I would say t...
Dev1ce is right
It's pathetic that you think that Device is right, he does absolutely nothing about it and just gave a fucking hint, everyone seems to be pretending that everything was completely normal, THAT WASN'T ...
Gaules' intention is, in a way, to press leaf and Xeppa, in the sense of showing that everyone has their eyes on them, we all want to see if they are really good, with a promising future, or if they u...