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I've heard it's the other way around, later episodes are super slow because they adapt one chapter per episode
Sadokist Analyst
There's certainly no chance of him winning this round, Matt
Grower or Shower?
grower, but I think my erect penis is still below average
Sadokist Analyst
Machine's casting is underrated, he works really well with any color caster
best flag
El Salvador
I r8 ur fav song
Stewie cocky
CS:GO fanbase is so sensitive, battle of egos is part of a competitive environment
How many hours do you sleep?
varies a lot, sometimes i might sleep just 3 hours, other times, 12 hours. i always tend to balance it out. I almost always take long naps after work, say 3 to 5 hours and then I try to sleep at least...
Anders hype? this is not 2014 anymore. He sounds sleepy as hell, and then forces hype when he feels the need to
Norway or Finland?
fuck nordic countries, our weather is garbage 85% of the time
nitr0 has matured a lot, he used to be a wannabe swag, but now he's the leader of the best team in the world
Elige cheating?
His sensitivity is very high, he got very snappy aim
and so is anders, do we even have good casters anymore?
I'm trying to cut down on pork and beef for health reasons. Chicken and fish are better anyway
do you like today's rap? where the artists are always high af and mumble random words throughout their whole songs and then they dare to say it's music