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how many languages do you speak?
Did you skip Canadish, Indian, New Zealandish, Irelandish language studies?
how many languages do you speak?
- Spanish because you were born and raised in Spain, so the language came by the environment - Mandarin because your parents are probably from Hong Kong or China - English because we need to undestand...
Hop on a bicycle or motorbike and drive around the coast line and archipelago area around Turku and Helsinki (Turku area has "bigger" archipelago area with thousands and thousands of islands stretchin...
Hardcore games?
nah, I already remember every corner of the map. They should release a new map or the game will fade away soon
USA = soccer country
If soccer is semi-popular in USA then what about football? And I really mean football and not a lapball or a fathomball or a handball...
Sweden wtf?
I don't see the problem. What is the difference of getting and spreading COVID infections from a rock concert or from an eSports event? If rock concerts cannot be organized than why should eSports all...
Im 5 years ill drive Ferrari
In Finland 40K eur makes you a "happy" owner of Toyota Corolla who can smile at girls as much you want, but no one will pay any attention to the smile. PS. Having a car as the "goal in life" is prett...
China best place to..
>tasty food, cool friendly people, very smart people, rent almost free The list proves you have never been in China or you have stayed only in some remote village far far away from big Chinese cities...