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Astralis vs Complexity
oh my god, i cant believe janitor bubzkji played a really good game of counter strike in astralis, fking take a photo a put in on a frame, this moment is precious. i hope he can continue playing like ...
FunPlus Phoenix vs SKADE
Sunny was already with Flusha with a new org, he was just a stand in, because ChrisJ was having problems with his contract. Chrisj was asking for a certain salary that FPX didnt want to give him. and...
Extra Salt vs Lyngby Vikings
Back when mark walberg was marky mark This is how we used to make the party start.
Astralis vs OG
Astralis actually went for the ultimate strat with the 9 man roster
Astralis vs OG
what do you mean ? astralis are the one to blame here, they didn't use bubzkji in any match, and they wanted to sell him but they asked for so much money that no team wants to pay that. Astralis is li...
Jamppi Valorant
seems that someone doesnt understand why people changed games , is not about new talent is not about skill
fnatic vs Evil Geniuses
two major winners are better than one
Cloud9 vs MIBR
Natus Vincere vs TeamOne
i cant believe a game between furia and cloud9, where furia doesnt care about the result will directly affect NAVI to qualify wtf
Liquid vs paiN
28 kills in 3 maps holy
Bubzkji about rumours
the rumours were that astralis wanted to replace xyp9x with es3tag or bubz, they tried both players and they liked more es3tag than bubz. They also wanted to sign this players to inflate their value b...
Vitality vs Astralis
poor bubzkji from star player, to this, so sad
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
i dont consider heroic tier 1 team, because astralis is tier 1 from danish scene, tier 2 heroic mad lions have similar styles of play. Online gambling is illegal in my country.
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
You need to watch more matches to understand how to bet on a team. a few tips on Navi: - They struggle vs CIS region teams, Spirit, forze, VirtusPro, gambit - They always play decent vs Astralis - Vs...
MIBR vs Liquid
"Liquid moved to europe to play european teams" "Plays against cheaterBr second game " Oh shit , here we go again