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Ukraine is just a province of Russia. Too much noise about nothing. They will end up united.
islamophobe = 0 iq
Why do i have to like islam? Why do i have to tolerate islam? Why do i have to respect islam? Same with certain groups of people and races of people. I want to decide on my own whether i have to like...
How do u knew about Ukraine?
Back in school years i learned about it and perceived it as a province in Russia I still do now It's a matter of time and great political shakeups until the province is reunited with it's real count...
found out my gf is..(update)
3rd cousin is ok for breeding, you stupid man. It's a lot better than mixing races or something of this matter, which is practiced widely.
This beautiful man should come back and own another major
Race is super important and people were made super stupid about it by the likes of Soros
Need russian translator
I think it means "ban that retard, he's pushing all the time"
USA now muslim?
Muslims will literally execute leftists, once they gain majority. Stupidity of the left is comedic.
Black girl vs White girl
Option 0 1st option is preferable, but stds and aids risk is too high 2nd option is like useless, jerking to porn is better. But with blowjob first and missionary where i don't look at her, or look a...
Greatest Human to ever live [serious]
Da Vinci Tesla Hitler Jesus
Can you ever forgive German people?
My personal opinion there were the good side and the evil & foolish side won
Get_right behaved like a woman with his retirement, crying and everything. That kind of mentality and behavior should be a drain to team's energy. So, it's already proven that NIP is much better wit...
f0rest GOAT
GOAT of all CS overall
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
S H 1 R O
-Guardian +Markeloff
That may actually be an improvement. Surely markeloff is in worse form, but he may fit the team better.