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God plano
The guy played just 2 maps and killed more than everyone that played the 3 maps wtf insane
Portugal coach
no shit
Gambit 4 top 20 players?
Agree, S1mple always start on fire and then goes down, ZywOo its the oposite but more because of is team its always changing something or goes for something when the year starts and that hurts ZywOo p...
Gambit 4 top 20 players?
If S1mple keeps getting worst like in this month and if ZywOo doesnt keep getting better like in this last month sh1ro if we wins more 2 or 3 mvps he can be top 1 this year ... if the ratings between ...
Gambit 4 top 20 players?
Sh1ro if he gets 1.27 maybe 1.28 rating and more mvps e can be top 1 this year, s1mple hes falling down this last month, but ZywOo is getting better on rating aswell so the top 3 its going to be in be...
Ronaldo destroyed Coca Cola
I will still drink cola if i want too but Ronaldo its right that sodas only do bad for us, water is the best for our health
zywoo pressure maps
First of all i am not toxic or hating on anyone so at least some respect for me if you dont have education i dont care but if i dont disrespect you you dont disrespect me. Second of all i did put any ...
zywoo pressure maps
Tier 1 tournament kkkkk you mean navi and spirit e vp tournaments before that tournament no one didnt know that akuma exist. ZywOo choke 1 game agaisnt no namer team S1mple ist not the first and will ...
zywoo pressure maps
top 20 after winning navi lol well you want compare Navi situation with vitality situation kkkk S1mple is playing with the same roster Vitality is always changing someting and the one to pay the price...
zywoo pressure maps
Won 2 tournaments kkkk Gambit won 1 2 finals one more fiinal now or win so Navi 2 EZ ......... kkkkkkZywOo way more comple that S1mple.... s1mple its just a player with aim nothing special with 4 guy...
zywoo pressure maps
Sory i did not see navi in top 1 2021 last time i check was Gambit, and even have more tournaments wins and finals that navi, Second Navi did not change roster players 2 times in this year, and 1 time...
zywoo pressure maps
Imagine S1mple fan Boys hating on ZywOo when he did not choke against no namers tier 3 cis teams, and he did smurf on a REAL TOURNAMENT against better teams and only choke one game "SEMI FINAL by the ...
zywoo pressure maps
Imagine S1mple kkkkk cant win no namers at least ZywOo smurfs one entire tournament chokes in one game and dont deserve top 10 kkkkkk