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O PLANO, brazil come
They if they compete they are probably the best brazilian team so its not arrogance its confidence and a fact
henr1 contract is probably the main issue cuz leo_drk contract should not be that mutch for a decent or to pay, but everyone knows now the potential of this team with 3 weaks of training winning maps ...
O PLANO > any other br team incluing furia
clown9 biggest joke?
NBK vitality When ?
He is Krillin the Goku best friend
NBK vitality When ?
same kkkkk i believe its the coach and every round that they lost olr every duel that he lost he always tilted the igl should be they guy that have the brain and the calm to puch for the team not help...
NBK vitality When ?
yes Alex was the reason... there is no more alex in vitality, now he can be the igl, Alex was the igl with NBK and he wanted to be the only one and bring someone with more firepower
kennyS where?
Apex will never leave i dont have sure about that if things keep doing wrong in vitality he is probably the first one to get kicked, if is not already kicked NBK is out there and everyone knows that N...
MIBR why?
They buy Boom lineup because of the major qualification, but they need to qualify again xp ahahahah And if they have buy the cogu lineup now they would have Henr1.... imagine Henr1, KNG and vsm jesus ...
mibr fix
lOL we are chearing to win 100pg you will fix the team with just mayern, you would need zywoo to fix this team kkkk. MIBR REAL FIX + Disband + Get O PLANO back to the lineup
And the new mibr lineup almost out of the top 30 kkkkkk thanks Immortals for everything
FC Porto vs Sporting CP
Drugs are bad guys dont do drugs
Gambit will win the major again
s1mple GOAT
S1mple made 2 kills put the team 5 vs 3 and then picks CT GIVING A FREE 1VS1 WITHOUT POSSIBLE TRADE so he did shit aswell in the last round kkkk Legend with no majors only 1 time best in the world kkk...
NAVI s1mple
Probably navi would have do better without him, playing better as a team with some good awper in is place like JAME or SHiro.