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what is gonna hapend if u take the krieg from Elige and Breheeze ??? even more ez for Astralis problaby
mibr is shit right now but lulquid u cant compare to the best team who ever touch this game
kkkk this guy is compared lulquid to the best team who ever played this game with 4 majors and a lot of other trophies.... they start to play table tennis with their trophies because they are so many ...
TOP 3 riflers
Niko ???? wtf Eletronic in 5 ???? wtff jks in 3 wtfffff
TOP 3 riflers
ZywOo doesn't deserve top 1 this year
he is the best player of 2019 why he doesnt deserve ??? does not make sence... if he is the best with the best performs its ez gg ZywOo top 1
coldzera vs kscerato
Kscerato ez in 2019 not even a discution, and i prefer coldzera but this is not hes year
+11 so trueeeee neymar hahahahah always on the floor
JW > ZyWoo
hahahahahahahha so funny
JW > ZyWoo
Jw never was even the best awp in the world always kennys guardian or fallen.. ZywOo first year tier 1 - Best player in the world wtf
JW > ZyWoo
so fucking true
JW > ZyWoo
yes it checks i am portuguese wtf was that palhaço ?
JW > ZyWoo
Just delete this post and then delete your life plz Jw ??? never was the best awper in the world always behind Fallen Kennys e Guardian imagine be better than the new best in the world 2019 GOD ZywO...
JW > ZyWoo
+1 ZywOo playing with just one arm still better than JW ahahhahhh jw not even in his prime he is better than ZywOo god who will be the best in the world in 2019 with 18 years old .... even KRIMZ is pl...
Faze lost inferno with more kills and less deads than Virtus Pro .... i dont whatch that game what the hell happend ??? who it is possible ?? ahahahha Its Vp back ???? Its the world gonna end in 2020 ...