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Best aimer
+1 valde has such smooth aim its so satisfying to watch
how to get rid of acne
Go to a dermatologist
Just like I won't make fun of your teeth 0/8
I have no clue what youre talking about lmao she claimed to have screenshots of texts to expose him of having an affair with another woman not evidence that he cheats in cs 0/8
Bro you know they were dating and she claimed that he cheated on her with another girl right? she isnt saying he cheats in csgo lmao
200kg squat @17 years old
I consider full depth to be below parallel, hip crease must drop below the top of the knee to IPF standard although personally I tend to squat lower because I have decent enough leverages and that's j...
200kg squat @17 years old
No offense but nobody is going to doubt your natty status if you squat 200kg lmao, it only took me about a year of training to squat 185kg and I weighed 15kg less than you. Took 6 months to hit 205kg ...
hs% is all that matters
Headshots always missing?
I'm assuming you play Oceania servers so your latency shouldn't be the issue but in the scenario that it is, that's probably the main factor. Otherwise there's a possibility that your movement isn't i...
How to get rid of acne / pimples
See a dermatologist. I matured very quickly and experienced mild acne from age 12 up until 22, after a decade of persistent blemishes regardless of intervention I decided to simply see a dermatologist...
OG fucking noobs
mantuu is the player Faze was hoping broky would be lmao, where did that dude come from hes sick
meyern is overrated
his mechanics are actually amazing, but he just joined this team and i doubt he's developed much chemistry or had enough time to fit into his role as of yet. he'll probably play better in a few months
men afraid of dating tall girls
Hell yeah I'd date a tall ass girl, 6 feet and up send her my way. Why would I want to pay for my kids college bro give me an Amazonian woman to mate with and my kids are going to end up fuckin D1 in ...
Do you go to gym?
Free personal training for any fitchicks who look good in yoga pants just come to my basement :)))
Do you go to gym?
Same, built a rack and platform in my house. Used to work at the gym and got to the point where if I wanted to do 2 sessions in a day I dreaded going back in to work so I built my own. Best investment...